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Hey,They would be me in this case. All the looks are styled by us (the models) (for better or worse, hah) The shoes were big on me though, yeah.I don't know a thing about socal weather to be honest but they're a heavier wool, so if I can imagine it's just warm around those parts, than yea probably too much.
hey dude, thanks. I'm always a small in EG , but Roland did most of that stuff. junya was all across the board. I'm actually a large in some things. kinda wild.size Mckinley's like redwings, as in a size or half size smaller depending. and get a pair. they are awesome. sad we didn't get my size
whoops , already posted
My experience with cinch anything from EG, is to buy a size up and cinch the waist to get the legs to fit proper. I've both shorts and pants, and have tried on several others as well. Matt pant from this season is also a good example. size 30 won't fit, sz 32 after i pull the side tabs is a good fit. I actually almost like the matt pant. We've a solid selection of North Sea. I've owned the Submariner sweater for just about a year now, and it's a great piece. In regards to sizing up, down, etc, although i've never tried a 36 (what i'd consider my true size) I liked the relaxed fit of the 38. The shoulder seams sit a bit low, but I like to think it's part of the charm of a sweater like this. going tts would certainly work, but it would lose it's appeal.
We did, in the royal colour. 718-599-7091
The HW Carter code is 10% off alread marked down prices, so it's essentially up to 55% on a lot of things
HW Carter and having a pretty good 30-50% off sale, brands like Juyna, Hancock, WWM, TSS, Nanamica, Oak Streets and Journal Standard.
HW carter and sons is having a 50% off most products flash sale all day, and up to 70% off as well. updated so now the sale is online: code: *0050 free shipping for purchases over $100
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