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Over time they'll probably stretch a little. Not as much as a 12-14oz jean, but some. I have a mild case of cycling ass/thighs and these jeans measure a little slimmer than my other N&F and add heavy-ass denim it just doesn't work for me. I got the 32" waist measurement without lining up the waist. When I line the top button up with the tag in the back, the waist is 33".
I bought a pair of the Elephant 2 Weird Guys which unfortunately don't fit me (see classifieds if you need a size 31), because I love them. Definitely the best pair of heavyweight denim I've felt for under $200.
I just bought these from ebay seller Mildblend and unfortunately they are very tight in the top block and I doubt the 22oz denim is going to stretch much. This denim is seriously thick and heavy with a 1/8" thick leather patch to match. I have worn the jeans for approximately an hour just sitting down, so they're basically brand new. The cardboard rear pocket thing is still attached and tags will be included. Measurements: Waist- 32" Front rise- 10.25" Thigh at crotch-...
I used to go out, but then I got Netflix.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol BALLER I think if you walked onto the stage carrying your instrument over your shoulder, nobody would give a fuck what you wear.
Quote: Originally Posted by ppllzz F/W2012?
Last week I replaced a 10-year-old chain with a solid 2 years of all-year, all-weather commuter abuse with a SRAM 951. Never had a problem with the old chain, but it just felt like it was worn out. Tonight the SRAM snapped
Shot of my ST-210's, probably need to wash again before winter comes.
My friend is going to wear his suit and be Wayne Brady and another person and I will be the gigantic prize boxes from "Let's Make A Deal." Everybody else is in a Halloween costume, so there's our audience. It's an elaborate prank to steal candy from kids.
I think the opening 16 seconds fit sort of awkwardly in the context of the whole video, but I see why it was included. Overall though, it's pretty good and a lot better than a couple other entries I watched. Random pet peeves: 1:02 and 1:13- I don't think the shallow DOF is effective here, as there is only a portion of a second where a subject is in focus. Kind of looks like a Claratin D commercial. Also, a 2-minute video probably shouldn't have recycled shots. 1:37-...
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