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other than the aforementioned rear flare, I think it looks great. Very classy. Was it less than a $1000, if I may ask? By the way, do you like the CT shirt? I have been eyeing that one for a while, but was a bit hesitant because some posters have said that certain CT shirts are now shoddily made in China.
what do Cego shirts go for these days?
Is the chocolate brown with red stripes still available?
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I can't believe it took nine hours for someone to post this. Still, at least it was done ... what exactly is that?
Ordered in november.. didn't hear anything ..sent two follow up emails ... he responded to the second follow-up three weeks ago and said he couldn't find my order... I re-sent it and haven't heard anything since. Finally broke down and bought a couple of cheap CT shirts the other day to tide me over.
He might well not even own them. A lot of stars have stylists that buy clothes for them to wear for appearances on TV, red carpet, etc. Then once worn, the clothes are sold, given away, whatever. The amazing thing is that these stylists can get something like $2000 a day for dressing these people, according to a lawsuit recently filed against some star recently by a stylist who never got paid.
I recently purchased number 3 and love them. Even though they are fairly conservative, they are extremely stylish. They do draw attention to themselves (and the wearer), though, as being different than your classic business cap toe, so I'm not sure I would wear them for an interview or first meeting with a client. I also took off the tassels, which for some reason made me think of a dog's droopy ears. I think #2 is actually more of the conservative business shoe, even with...
Even if you have different brushes for different color shoes? And if so, is there a recommended method (water, turpentine, etc?)
I have a three piece suit where I gave away the vest long ago because I never wore it. The suit looks fine with just two pieces. But if you are just going to wear two pieces, I wouldn't wear just a vest and jacket and go without the pants.
This isn't precisely the same thing, but I've heard of cases where a jury was polled after a civil trial and said that when they saw the defense attorney wearing cufflinks, they figured that side had a lot of money, could afford to pay up, and therefore should lose. Turned into a mighty expensive pair of cufflinks for the client.
New Posts  All Forums: