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Quote: Originally Posted by kronik I'm glad to have aided so many people in getting trees that they're happy with. There has been a lot of gratitude over here. AskAndy.. eh, not so much.. and then they made it onto the AskAndy recs page, which probably means someone is getting paid and I did it for free! speaks volumes, doesn't it?
Coles seems to have decided that it can't compete with Tyrwhitt and Lewin at the low end, so it is seeking a middle ground between Lewin et. al. and H&K and Turnbull&Asser. It recently raised its prices about 20% and they now sell for about $120 a shirt. (Oddly enough, their basic shirts sell for 55 pounds or $123 dollars, but 55 pounds is actually about $108, so maybe Coles takes another cut for currency conversion). My guess is this strategy won't work, although their...
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda Do a Google image search for "tramezzas" and look what turns up! tried that, it was unhelpful
Are there photos of the Ferragamo Tramezza line online? It seems tough from the Nordstrom or Saks site to tell what is Tramezza and what is Studio. The Tangeri, for instance (, is that Studio?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kamala Can someone give me the mathematical formula that Plal gives to convert their prices into U.S. dollars? Thanks. free currency converter site:
other than the aforementioned rear flare, I think it looks great. Very classy. Was it less than a $1000, if I may ask? By the way, do you like the CT shirt? I have been eyeing that one for a while, but was a bit hesitant because some posters have said that certain CT shirts are now shoddily made in China.
what do Cego shirts go for these days?
Is the chocolate brown with red stripes still available?
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I can't believe it took nine hours for someone to post this. Still, at least it was done ... what exactly is that?
Ordered in november.. didn't hear anything ..sent two follow up emails ... he responded to the second follow-up three weeks ago and said he couldn't find my order... I re-sent it and haven't heard anything since. Finally broke down and bought a couple of cheap CT shirts the other day to tide me over.
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