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Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Who thinks that? If you went out on the street in the U.S. and polled men walking by, most would tell you that most, if not all, of their suits have patterns and most, if not all, of their ties have patterns. This leaves few opportunities to wear two or three plains. My guess is that forum members have more balanced wardrobes, but even so, from the pictures some members post, it appears that patterned...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Plus, it seems to leave no room for subtle patterns. A nailhead suit, for instance, can be worn effectively as a solid, since there is typically only one color and the dots are neutral. Plus, the ground overwhelms the dots. Following Levitt, would that mean that nailhead would always have to be worn with solid shirts and ties? Not that such would look bad -- it can look quite good -- but I don't think it's a...
Beautiful shirt. Your face looks a bit blotchy, however.
When I was 16, I read Mortimer Levitt's (founder of The Custom Shop) classic book "The Executive Look," which lists the "golden rule" that one should never wear more than one pattern, whether it is the suit, shirt or tie, because two patterns will compete with each other and detract from one another. Levitt noted that European men usually followed this rule, whereas American men didn't, and looked the worse as a result. Levitt explained that wearing two or three plains...
I think you are better off avoiding email with Ricky, he seems to pay much more attention to snail mail. I just mailed my shirt in a small box via regular US postal service, got an email reply from Ricky two weeks later, and a near perfect replica of my shirt (but with the changes I wanted) at my door in about three weeks. From what I understand my experience was not typical, and turnaround time will vary depending on the alignment of the planets and whether Jupiter is...
Not a steal, but still a fair deal. The earlier sale was a bargain
How does the swatch thing work? It looks like from the website that it costs $1.50 per swatch and $25 shipping. Does that mean if you are curious about four different kinds of fabric it will cost you $6 plus $25 shipping? And isn't the shipping a bit steep?
Any retail locations in DC/Baltimore area?
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