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Do Santoni 6015 models ever go on sale, and are they available anywhere in the US other than at the New York store? Beautiful shoes
Is Canali considered Roman? What about Corneliani, what style is that? I was in New York today and tried on some at Saks and both the Canali and Corneliani looked really good, although the sizing was odd. The Canali seemed to fit me best in a 50 (european) whereas the Corneliani fit best in a 52. I tried a Brioni and it looked good too, and fit best in size 42 (US), which I understand is a 54 european. An Isaia I tried fit best in size 50, but didn't look as good...
looks great to me
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley Saks.com put the Accento Tramezza's on sale. It went down to $430 + Tax and shipping, it amounts to $480. Is that a good buy on these shoes, especially considering sizing is limited? unfortunately, the only sizes they have are 8 and 8.5, and in only one colour
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Maddox, Drummond and Alex. Everything else is done better by other makers. Who does a shoe like the Westbourne better? EG?
The Westbourne looks a lot like the "Albany" available through Ben Silver at http://www.bensilver.com/fs_storefro...y=7103&group=1 although the toe may be a bit different. Nice shoe.
It is a very sharp suit. Definitely a power suit. It really fits you well. Looks a bit Saville-rowish. Would you say that that is the Chan House style? Or do I have my silhouettes confused? You said that you asked for minimal padding in the shoulders. They don't look that soft, are they roped? I wouldn't go for the wide lapels myself, but great looking suit
Quote: Originally Posted by Rolo If you have your old email confirmation there will be a REF number. I didn't use the REF number on my first reorder because I wasn't sure what it was, but everything turned out fine. I also didn't provide full measurements in my reorder, just adjustments: cuffs +0.50", etc. This worked well and I was very pleased with the fit of the second shirt. Thanks. I appreciate it
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector I hope paypal dies a painful death. why? I find it quite useful
If I've ordered a trial shirt from Ricky in the past, and want to order some new ones but with a slight modification, can I count on Ricky to have my previous measurements, or do I need to re-send him everything?
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