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The problem I have with pocket squares is that they really serve no practical function whatsoever. They are entirely decorative. If you forgot and went out without a pocket square one day, you would never find yourself in a situation where you were handicapped because of the omission. Unlike a scarf, say, you would not be cold because you lack a pocket square. Unlike a belt or suspenders, your pants would not fall down because you lack a pocket square. Unlike with...
Picked up this jacket at a thrift store. It is one of those striped sportscoats like the type that would have been worn at a college mixer back in 1958. I think it is kind of cool. My wife can't believe I'm serious. Thoughts?
For me, Santonis run a bit big. I normally wear 10.5 us, and had to drop to a 10 for the Santonis.
Quote: Originally Posted by well-kept The use of "but" obviates the need for a comma. As in... "Might be okay to leave it out but it's proper to put it in", if such were the case. I am guessing you are an attorney. Only attorneys use the word "obviate."
I've figured out that not only has Jantzen saved me money because the cost of his shorts are so low, but also because his erratic shipping and response times have kept me from buying any other shirts while I wait for my order to come in. I placed an order in early November and haven't heard anything. But I have one Jantzen already, and like the fit and quality so much more than my ready-to-wear shirts that whenever I find myself tempted by a sale at CT, Lewin, Coles, H&H...
Is this description correct about the department stores sanding some Santonis? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...3434&rd=1&rd=1
Quote: Originally Posted by alflauren Works both ways. I have my first order - I've had it for a month actually - and haven't yet been charged. I've had my first order since September and have yet to be charged. I don't think he can keep doing business like this. He's going to have to raise his prices to drive off some customers.
Plains v patterns.
Is this correct? Mr Ned - MTM Greenfield - MTM Chan - Bargain Bespoke
Quote: Originally Posted by Jovan Trump, however, is a jackass. Agreed
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