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Quote: Originally Posted by miomall1 ^^does anyone know where to find these other than ebay? Saw nothing on pediwear or shoehealer... I don't know if this is exactly the same, but Pediwear has these: http://www.pediwear.co.uk/trickers/products/2575.php
I have these too. Beautiful shoes. But they squeak.
I have one of their army laptop briefcases. Very good bags, although a bit on the heavy side. Sometimes I feel like I'm carrying a saddle around.
Second on the chipp2 grenadines. Great quality for the price. Andrew's are good too, as someone else also pointed out. Four-in-hand also usually has some nice solid color ties. Hober's are the best, of course, with the greatest variety and options. But, while well worth the money, they are less wallet friendly than the others.
Can't speak for that model but I have a couple of Santoni Bristols and think they are great shoes. Comfortable and classy with good quality leather.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shirtmaven Since I do not know who you are, I may have asked you to wear and wash the shirts. to see what needed adjustment. I have no problem adjusting shirts after they have been worn a few times. You misunderstood my comment, which was probably poorly worded. I did not mean to imply that you did a bad job or that the shirts now need unusual alterations. They don't, other than what I expect you would always...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang I contest that they're easier to put on. Wrangling with the toggle is not very easy. I suppose it depends on the person, but I've always felt it was easier to put on double-sided ones. I think double-sided ones are, indeed, nicer and classier but you can't really be serious that it is easier to put on double-sided ones. The only reason I don't wear more double-sided ones is because I dread trying to...
Not sure why I am bothering to add to this but here goes: I have a couple of shirts made by Carl. They are the best looking and best fitting shirts that I own. At the same time, I'm not all that excited about going back to get my measurements tweaked for the next round of orders. I found Carl pretty dismissive of my comments when I told him what I liked and what I was looking for. Maybe he simply recognized me as a small-timer. Or maybe I'm just unaccustomed to the NY...
Not my style but clearly not a "monstrosity." I'm not sure anything from Paul Stuart would really qualify as a monstrosity, compared to the sorts of things offered elsewhere in men's fashion.
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