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Actually it's medium-brown birds eye. The lighting is poor.
Nick Bronson makes Italian knits for a lot of folks. I'm pretty sure Paul Stuart uses him. http://www.nickbronson.com/index_ing.html
Appreciate the comment, but my understanding was that the focus here was on the color and fabric combinations, not the fit of the suit, which admittedly is a bit too big on me, but also exaggerated in the photo by my raised arm position.It's actually a Pratt Shelby knot. I normally only go with four-in-hands for knits, and Pratt-Shelby's for everything else, but the four-in-hand looked tiny with this knit and collar, for some reason.
A little late to this party but ... I never wear button-down shirts. I never wear loafers or bicycle-toe shoes. I never wear bright yellow or pink ties with blue shirts. I never (or almost never) wear more than one pattern. I never wear colored shirts with white collars. I never wear tie bars or chains (although I do wear collar pins). I never wear anything monogrammed. I never wear big diving or pilot watches. And I never wear a white robe with a sharply pointed hat and...
Fit right in
I mentioned the two-plains-one-pattern rule a while back in a long forgotten thread and was roundly ridiculed on the forum. Manton, I think you remarked at the time that Levitt made up the rule and should be ignored. Maybe he did, and maybe some people can pull off the two or three pattern look. I don't know. It seems to me that 99 percent of the time I think two-plains-one-fancy or three plains looks a whole better than mixing patterns. I think part of the problem...
Afraid not.
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