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I really don't know what you're talking about. Light olive is a great color for a light weight suit. You just have to be careful what you pair it with.
Light olive suit, ecru shirt, maroon tie socks probably don't qualify as CBD but it's my way of sticking it to the man
Is this the consensus here?This isn't my favorite jacket or anything, but I find it odd that a traditional gray/black houndstooth sportcoat, like the type you might have seen on William Holden or Bing Crosby, is now considered in bad taste. I seem to recall that Nicholas Antongiavanni fellow advising that classic houndstooth is appropriate attire. And while the tooth pattern here is undoubtedly larger than one would desire on a suit, it's about normal size (actually...
More fodder for your disapproval
A little linen for the lingering days of summer
Actually it's medium-brown birds eye. The lighting is poor.
Nick Bronson makes Italian knits for a lot of folks. I'm pretty sure Paul Stuart uses him. http://www.nickbronson.com/index_ing.html
Appreciate the comment, but my understanding was that the focus here was on the color and fabric combinations, not the fit of the suit, which admittedly is a bit too big on me, but also exaggerated in the photo by my raised arm position.It's actually a Pratt Shelby knot. I normally only go with four-in-hands for knits, and Pratt-Shelby's for everything else, but the four-in-hand looked tiny with this knit and collar, for some reason.
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