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In case you change your mind about the English-made requirement, the AE McCallister in deep merlot (a little darker than a burgundy) is one of AE's nicer shoes For a semi-brogue, John Crocket offers a nice adelaide from Trickers in burgundy, but at 370 euro it ain't cheap
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy Yup. No up-charge during their MTM event. That's a good deal
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy PS MTM suits start at $1284 and work their way up to about $1884. That's practically the same as the normal PS Sammy suit, isn't it?
Liking that microhoundstooth but it's not my size
talk about resurrecting an old thread ... I've found 3B true to size. Great shoes, by the way. The longer I own them, the more I appreciate them
10UK closer to 10.5 US for Grensons IMO. I am a 10 US, a 9.5 UK in Grenson, whereas a 9 UK in C&J and EG.
This whole suit-with-no-tie thing is absolutely ludicrous. It looks like the person didn't finish getting dressed, or maybe spilled something on their tie during the day and had to take it off. And the interview situation just highlights the problem. A person interviewing for a job should wear a suit, and yet these days you are usually better dressed than everyone interviewing you.
Coles cutaway shirts are nicer than the others, IMO, but, as someone else pointed out, they are about $100 a pop and it is tough to find them at a significant discount. The fabric and construction of Lewin's are great for the price, but they don't have enough sizes. Which means you may end up having to pay extra to have them altered to fit, say, a 16.5-34. Lewin collars are also a bit larger than Coles or Tyrwhitt shirts, so they don't work as well for us thin-faced...
Melvin's. Grumpy but great. One of DC's best kept secrets.
Have both. AEs are definitely better made (even than the 1880s) IMO , albeit less sleek and stylish than the Loakes. I've been disappointed with my Loakes.
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