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It might. Maybe my lack of attention in this area is why they don't fit me.
I just got these Rockinhghams (size 9.5 UK) in the mail from Herring. The color is dark leaf tan and they're made by Cheaney in England. They are beautiful shoes, but, unfortunately, they're too big for me. I tried on one shoe on a carpeted floor, but otherwise, they're brand new, still in the box along with the shoe polish, bags and shoe horn. Here's the description from Herring: "The Herring Rockingham is part of our new wholecut collection and another example of fine...
I have the 205 desborough. The 205 last is quite narrow. I am 9 in most British shoes and a 10 for most US, but the 9 on the 205 last is a bit too thin for my foot
What's a Sammy MTM go for at Fox?
Nice? Not?
I like the sharkskin suit combo. One of the top ones I've seen here.
Old Hamilton
Whenever I see your posts, I always wonder, how wide are your lapels?
The HMT above was $27 on ebay
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