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I have the 205 desborough. The 205 last is quite narrow. I am 9 in most British shoes and a 10 for most US, but the 9 on the 205 last is a bit too thin for my foot
What's a Sammy MTM go for at Fox?
Nice? Not?
I like the sharkskin suit combo. One of the top ones I've seen here.
Old Hamilton
Whenever I see your posts, I always wonder, how wide are your lapels?
The HMT above was $27 on ebay
I have these. Very nice. Great antiquing on the leather, and seem to be very well made.Quite narrow in the toe box area, though, so I would go up a 1/2 size from normal UK (I'm normally UK or Italian size 9 compared to an AE size 10, but for this Cheaney last I'm a UK 9.5 ).
I really don't know what you're talking about. Light olive is a great color for a light weight suit. You just have to be careful what you pair it with.
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