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Just an FYI for striped sock fans (and this may be old news), but there are some pretty good deals on Pantherellas at STP these days. I just picked up some of these http://www.sierratradingpost.com/pantherella-crew-dress-socks-cotton-nylon-for-men~p~6602v/?filterString=s~pantherella%2F&colorFamily=03 for less than $10 with one of the ever-present coupon codes floating around. (like this one: ALEGGNOG3). PS: I don't have any connection to STP. Just like the socks.
People who say they are completely unnecessary these days must have smaller calves then me or something, because my socks-even good quality Pantherellas and Marcolianis- would fall down all the time. I hated the feeling. I wear sock suspenders/garters/whatever-you-want-to-call-them almost every day. I used to feel a bit sheepish about them, but I pretty much got over that, and it's awfully nice not to worry about my socks sliding down around my ankles. I think the same...
what's a Chan VBC 110 suit go for these days?
Beautiful dark navy Italian wool overcoat from G. Vasta. Excellent quality, about the level of Canali or Corneliani, according to StyleForum folks who know more than I do: http://www.styleforum.net/t/48253/anybody-know-anything-about-g-vasta Apparently, Vasta is the brother-in-law of Luciano Barbera, and used to work for Barbera's design team. The coat is marked as 52, which would normally make it a 41/42 US (which is why I bought it), but it seems more like a 44 to me...
Mortimer Levitt
Doesn't Chan come through DC sometimes?
no longer available
I'm a 10US in Allen Edmonds, a 10US in Marteganis, a 10US in Santonis, and a 10.5US in Grenson/Paul Stuart. These are a bit too big for me. So iI think they are more of a 10.5US, regardless of what the site says.
It might. Maybe my lack of attention in this area is why they don't fit me.
I just got these Rockinhghams (size 9.5 UK) in the mail from Herring. The color is dark leaf tan and they're made by Cheaney in England. They are beautiful shoes, but, unfortunately, they're too big for me. I tried on one shoe on a carpeted floor, but otherwise, they're brand new, still in the box along with the shoe polish, bags and shoe horn. Here's the description from Herring: "The Herring Rockingham is part of our new wholecut collection and another example of fine...
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