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Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang I contest that they're easier to put on. Wrangling with the toggle is not very easy. I suppose it depends on the person, but I've always felt it was easier to put on double-sided ones. I think double-sided ones are, indeed, nicer and classier but you can't really be serious that it is easier to put on double-sided ones. The only reason I don't wear more double-sided ones is because I dread trying to...
Not sure why I am bothering to add to this but here goes: I have a couple of shirts made by Carl. They are the best looking and best fitting shirts that I own. At the same time, I'm not all that excited about going back to get my measurements tweaked for the next round of orders. I found Carl pretty dismissive of my comments when I told him what I liked and what I was looking for. Maybe he simply recognized me as a small-timer. Or maybe I'm just unaccustomed to the NY...
Not my style but clearly not a "monstrosity." I'm not sure anything from Paul Stuart would really qualify as a monstrosity, compared to the sorts of things offered elsewhere in men's fashion.
Quote: Originally Posted by the_sartorialist This is what I was recommending in my post. Patch pockets on the sides, standard welted for the handkerchief pocket.
This may anger the purists, but I would go with side patch pockets but leave the handkerchief pocket standard welt. Having a handkerchief patch pocket can look great, but it looks extremely casual and draws a lot of attention to itself. If done poorly it can also look costumey, as though you've stumbled into the 1920s.
Quote: Originally Posted by GucciMonster Washington is absolutely beautiful (the people and the city) and if I did decide to move to the US it would have to be there. While there I saw various civil servants and professionals alike in good fitting attire. DC itself is not a bad looking city, but if the people here are beautiful and wearing good fitting attire our country is in much worse shape than I thought. I ride the Metro every day and...
So it is clearly unanimous and you must feel much more assured about your choice now ...
Anyone have, or have any thoughts on the quality or appearance of, the Muirfield, Trickers' version of an austerity brogue for Pediwear? http://www.pediwear.co.uk/trickers/products/2278.php
Quote: Originally Posted by magogian12345 Isn't that Manton behind him? he's a big supporter of Geneva so maybe he was showing him the ropes
I've said this before, but will recommend it again. Your custom ties are beautiful and are definitely a bargain. However, it may be worth your while to make some non-custom ties in the popular colors and standard sizing (maroon grenadine in 3.75", for instance) and make them available for $10-15 less than your custom ties. As it is now, everyone pays custom price, even if the customer does not have any special requests and just wants a standard size tie.
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