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Is that a custom shirt? I like it
Your reply reminds me a bit of this post I saw once. In a good way.
I would agree that AE is not in the "top tier" of Lobb, EG, etc. On the other hand, as far as I know, Park Avenues have never been corrected grain, and I have several pairs of Trickers, Santonis, Marteganis, Grenson (Masterpiece) and Cheaneys and would put the PA leather quality up there with all but the Grenson masterpiece and perhaps my higher end Trickers. And the AEs I have are far superior to my pair of Loakes, which claims it isn't corrected grain but sure looks like...
Thanks for the input and suggestions. Much appreciated.
If he was saying that there wasn't anything I can do, then I apologize, and I appreciate the input. But if he was saying that due to the poor quality of the leather, it's impossible to tell whether there's anything I can do, then yes, I reject that, because the leather for these kind of Allen Edmond shoes is not particularly poor quality. It's kind of like if you asked for advice about ironing a main line Corneliani jacket and someone said it was impossible to answer...
Appreciate the response, but as far as I know, Allen Edmonds Park Avenues are not corrected grain and there's nothing wrong with the quality of the leather. My care for them, perhaps, although I am pretty diligent about keeping them covered with Lexol and Meltonian cream.
I posted a query about shoe repair the other day. A couple of years ago it would have led to all sorts of comments and suggestions, with maybe even a cordwainer or a cobbler chiming in. I didn't get a single response. Sad days for the forum my friends, sad days.
Is there any way to get rid of these ridges, or lines, that developed on a pair of my AE shoes? I've tried vigorous polishing and rubbing and it doesn't do the trick. Are they likely salt damage? I was thinking of sending the shoes to AE for refinishing. Would that get rid of them?
Nice used specs from Martegani. Size 10 US. I got these new and have probably worn them about ten times. They are very well made, but I don't like worrying about keeping the linen clean, so I've decided to get rid of them. Maybe buy some all-leather specs. The linen does have a few dark patches, as you can see in the photos. Not sure if you could get those lighter. But if you're unhappy with them, send them back for a full refund (minus shipping). Shipping is $5.99...
Just got one of these Seagulls and I couldn't be happier about it. 38mm.
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