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Not to get annoyingly technical, but a consensus is, by its nature, general. And thus a "general consensus" is something found in the department of redundancy department.
big improvement there on the alteration
With respect to Tom James, I have never actually had anything made, but from my experience with an office visit, you are measured by someone who is much more salesman than tailor. In fact, I don't think he had any tailoring experience. One of my colleagues had some shirts made and I was unimpressed.
I figured most of the sponsors, or shops run by SF members, would offer SF discounts, but was somewhat surprised the other day when I asked the KA Hanger Project folks and they said they do not offer a discount for SF members. Has anyone ever compiled a list of merchants that do? Seems like if there was a list, it would be a good way for merchants to encourage patronage.
I ordered a two piece Gable suit in a "B" 110 fabric, which is the second least-expensive. The MTM price was $1620 after a 10% discount for ordering during a Samuelsohn trunk sale, so B fabrics would normally be $1800 at Fox for a MTM. DC tax added another $95 or so, of course. The fabric prices for an "A" suit started at around $1400, I think, and went up into the high $2ks for "F" and "G"s and letters lower in the alphabet that I saw.The process was fairly routine. After...
What ever happened to Martegani? They used to be quite good, and Ron Rider, their US distributor, was a participant in the forum. Seems like you can't find them anymore. Even Franco's doesn't seem to have a wide selection of them.
Just did Fox Samuelsohn MTM trunk show and was very happy with the service (although have not received the suit yet). Paul Stuart is coming to DC in a month or so, and I understand their MTM is excellent. Their NY store has actual full bespoke, but not sure if the DC branch will have that, or how good it would be. I believe Everards does Hickey MTM, but have not tried it. I didn't know this about him. Makes me respect him even more.
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