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Is this about a size 10 US?
Big fan of Pediwear. My only complaint is that the Trickers Belgraves are never on sale. Ever. They are always exactly the same price you can get from Herring or Shoe Healer or other merchants. My guess is that Trickers doesn't allow discounting on this shoe.
I have about 15 pairs of shoes in general rotation so I typically wear a pair ever two to three weeks.
This is interesting. Thanks. For the previous posters, I want to assure them that I have sought treatment for my perversity and the therapy is going well. My shoes don't look as nice, but my wallet is feeling much better.
Didn't realize I had such a "perverse" regimen. Although that really doesn't explain why you don't get a discount for buying in bulk. But thanks
It is generally believed that this is the best shoe conditioner out there, and that conditioner should be used on your shoes after nearly every wearing, or at least every week or two. So why isn't it available in bigger jars? Or perhaps with a discount if you order ten jars at a time or sign up for a periodic shipment? I know they're trying to make as much money as they can, but they might actually sell more of it and make more money if it was available in bigger...
agree.i think of light purple as closer to lavender, but I like this tie a lot. I have a few lavender ties and am actually looking for a darker purple and this one looks great.
Nearly new Kent Wang polo shirt, dark red/maroon in color (color is darker than it appears in the photos. for a better representation, go http://www.kentwang.com/polos/polo-maroon.html). Worn twice before deciding I need a bigger size. It is labeled XL but fits very small. I am a 42R. I can wear it but it is very snug. Would probably fit a 40R quite well, or 41/42 if you like your shirts more form fitting. Great spread collar. Much better than normal polo collars, which...
Stylish brown knit tie from Paul Stuart. 2 inches wide (thinner than traditional Paul Stuart knits). Not new but might as well be, for the amount of wear it's gotten. $20 firm (or $35 best offer). Shipping in the US is $5. International shipping extra. Paypal
SOLD New Martegani Radica dark brown leather shoes. 3B last. The last retail price for these was $525, according to Martegani's North American rep, but they're not currently available in stores. Unworn, still in the box. $195 OBE. Size is listed at 10.5 US. $9 shipping in the US. International shipping extra.
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