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Thanks. I'm shocked that the BrooksCool suits are fully canvassed now. I have one from a six or seven years back and I'm pretty sure it's fused. But you're right, the website says they're now fully canvassed. So the BrooksCool suits are fully canvassed and yet a lot of the more expensive 1818 suits are half-canvassed? Odd
Anybody ever try one of the "custom" suits? Basically off the rack but you get to pick a few things (lapel edge, jacket pocket style, lining color, etc.)?,default,pg.html?lid=topnav-menu I'm thinking they can't be all that good if they are only $648, the same price as the BrooksCool suits
Geez, that explains why there aren't any naked women in broken high heels. I thought this was a fetish thread …
Many apologies, my good sir.
No insolence intended, but having worked as an antitrust attorney, I can tell you it is very rare for a product to always be sold for exactly the same price at different retailers. Usually this only happens when the manufacturer enforces vertical resale price maintenance behind the scenes. In other words, when the manufacturer refuses to sell to retailers who will discount the product. You see this with things like Tempurpedic mattresses and a lot of eyewear brands. But...
Thanks for the response. If it is not related to a restriction from Trickers, then hopefully it's not some sort of behind-the-scenes collusion between Pediwear, Herring and other retailers. It seems odd that the Trickers shoes are always the exact same price no matter which retailer I look at.Anyway, if you ever put them on sale, I think you'd sell a lot. Regards
Is this about a size 10 US?
Big fan of Pediwear. My only complaint is that the Trickers Belgraves are never on sale. Ever. They are always exactly the same price you can get from Herring or Shoe Healer or other merchants. My guess is that Trickers doesn't allow discounting on this shoe.
I have about 15 pairs of shoes in general rotation so I typically wear a pair ever two to three weeks.
This is interesting. Thanks. For the previous posters, I want to assure them that I have sought treatment for my perversity and the therapy is going well. My shoes don't look as nice, but my wallet is feeling much better.
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