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I know that the site calls them "collars," but you're really talking about the lapel. The collar is on the shirt. You might get more responses if you title the thread tuxedo lapel, because people seem to have a lot of strong opinions about them. That said, I'm not one of those. But based solely on the drawing, I don't think the roundness of the smooth collar looks that great. But I might change my mind if I saw it in person. I prefer the peak lapel look for tuxes, except...
Black "Moretti" semi brogue oxfords that I recently purchased from Ron Rider. According to Ron, Moretti was a brand he came up with working with one of his regular factories in Italy, and he intended to gear them towards clients who like a sleek shoe in the style of G&G, Corthay, etc., but for a lower price. He chose the name Moretti in honor of a gentleman who worked in the factory's design office. Unfortunately, it turned out there was already a Moretti shoe line and...
Tricker's Belgrave shoes. Espresso burnished (dark brown) color. Size 9.5 UK. Goodyear welted, leather insoles. Recently purchased from Tricker's and worn twice before deciding they were too big for me. I am a 10 US, so these are probably a 10.5 US. Standard size 5 width. 4537 last - see http://www.trickers.com/belgrave-town-shoe-1099.html for more information. Very good quality adelaide. $220 firm with shipping in the US. If they don't fit, or you don't like them,...
The Golosalvo in cognac also looks nice. On the other hand, the Jael looks like something out of a cheap horror movie. To me, anyway.
Magnanni seems to have upped its game of late. I picked up some Santiagos and was duly impressed.
the jackets are designed with space for a large hump and each pant leg is a different length
By the way, I looked a bit further into the "custom" and when you've made your selections, it gives you a bit more info and says the custom suit is half canvas.
Thanks. I'm shocked that the BrooksCool suits are fully canvassed now. I have one from a six or seven years back and I'm pretty sure it's fused. But you're right, the website says they're now fully canvassed. So the BrooksCool suits are fully canvassed and yet a lot of the more expensive 1818 suits are half-canvassed? Odd
Anybody ever try one of the "custom" suits? Basically off the rack but you get to pick a few things (lapel edge, jacket pocket style, lining color, etc.)? http://www.brooksbrothers.com/designyourown/designyourown,default,pg.html?lid=topnav-menu I'm thinking they can't be all that good if they are only $648, the same price as the BrooksCool suits
Geez, that explains why there aren't any naked women in broken high heels. I thought this was a fetish thread …
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