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I have to disagree with you!
Which is more better brand for dress shirts and neckties? Brooks Brothers or Turnbull & Asser? They have stores in NYC of course! And tell me why?
They canned Ann Curry from NBC's Today Show instead of Jenna Wolfe.
Sorry about the typos
RFK wore a single-french cuff white shirt when he was fatally wounded in June 1968.
If they got the same suit in my size and the same style, I would be the laughing stock!
RIP William "Frank Cannon" Conrad.Also there's another late great Canadian LGBT actor who was portly in his later years before his 1993 death. Raymond Burr aka Perry Mason and Ironside!
Love Story (1970) was a true cult-classic tearjerker. But I felt sorry for Ryan O'Neal since he had cancer recently.
I'm 6'1.5" and recently lost 35 lbs altogether (I was at 367 lbs in late-2009), I'm now 332 lbs. My neck size was 19.5", 35" sleeve, 60" chest and 60" waist. But now I'm size 18" neck, 34" sleeve, 52" chest, and 56" waist. Don't feel bad my man! People come in all sizes!
It's okay if you're Don Draper of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. But have more colors for variety you dig!
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