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I hate the "Politics is Forbidden on Forums" crap. To me it's like censorship. I'm so ticked of of YouTubers disabling comments on their videos because it's polticial, and the YouTubers are the ones who denying everybody to comment. Their odd folks.My mother said "You can't mix religion and politics together."
One thing that pissed me off many times FOX NEWS!
You really met Dick Cavett in person?BTW, He used to wear J. Press and John Weitz on his ABC shows from 1968-1975.
I see with your so-called answer. But here's another reason not related that fits in this topic. Liberals being called Socialists by Right-Wingers, ticks me off!
Why the heck you adding Spoiler Warning crap?
BTW, Dick Cavett is my favorite idol. I share the same birthday as the ex-talk show host himself. Did you know he started out as a writer for the late greats Jack Paar and Johnny Carson?
You can blame this 'Freedom Fries' thing on Bush43. LOL!
The Kennedys were style icons despite bad luck with tragedies.
The Economy!
The Brits call French-Cuffs 'Double Cuffs'.
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