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Censorship is UnAmerican. Moving to another subject. I'm pissed off at Viacommies (aka Viacom) for forcing DirecTV to remove 20+ channels they own because of Carriage Dispute aka the controversial 20 year old Retransmission Consent law. Now Viacommies have taken Degrassi and The Soul Man hostage. My World is Empty Without Degrassi! Congress and the FCC needs to stop the madness rather than "Don't give a crap!" smirk.The Viacom Blackout on DirecTV is like Angelique putting...
400th Post. I love fashion!
I've heard of the TV series from the 1960s with Y&R's Eric Braeden (aka Hans Gudegast) in it.
To tell you the truth, I'm on SSI and I was born with autism. I don't work, period.
I've found out Viacom and DirecTV are in a dispute. If Viacommies dropped channels like BET, Centric, TV Land, Nickelodeon, and TeenNick. No more Degrassi, SpongeBob, iCarly, The Soul Man, and worst of all Wendy Williams (because it's not shown in syndication in Greenville, SC unfortunately) which means we're denied to watch Wendy Williams. I can't live in a world without Degrassi reruns with Miriam McDonald and Drake the Rapper in it. The 'Retransmission Consent'...
Since I've been intense recently from when Miriam McDonald left "Degrassi" two years ago to the cancellations of my favorite shows "Memphis Beat" and "Harry's Law" and Shawn Johnson's retirement from the Olympics, Ann Curry and "Today Show" feud that made her cry and leave, etc. What the world has done to? Don't give me this smirking 12/21/2012 scare! Just like Barry McGuire said "Eve of Destruction."
I'm just a human being who has feelings like everyday people. Also, I'm an intense person as well
Very offensive reply about me.
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