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Looks like the shirts are from Turnbull & Asser. Where did they got the suits and ties from?
I've got more than 25 neckties. Don't feel bad. BTW, those neckties pictured look liked the ones that the late Trevor Bannister would wear as Mr. Lucas on Are You Being Served? in the 1970s.
Almost Day 5 of being Degrassi-less thanks to Philippe Dauman and the Viacom Blackout on DirecTV. I'm on DirecTV and CEO Mike White's side.
Sorry, you may not have permission to add this comment or the original post may have been deleted. That pissed me off at FB recently. I don't want to see this crappy message again!!!
When I checked the Greenville, SC weather at I get this unexpectedly that I get ticked off The "Forecast At A Glance" icons, hourly weather graph feature, Spanish version, and temperatures in Celsius are temporarily not available for this location for technical reasons. We apologize for any inconvenience. We apologize for any inconvenience my ass. I want the local weather from nearby Greenville, SC That's why Greenville, SC is lame! But I checked my...
The FCC are to strict and conservative when it comes to this issue.
Censorship is UnAmerican. Moving to another subject. I'm pissed off at Viacommies (aka Viacom) for forcing DirecTV to remove 20+ channels they own because of Carriage Dispute aka the controversial 20 year old Retransmission Consent law. Now Viacommies have taken Degrassi and The Soul Man hostage. My World is Empty Without Degrassi! Congress and the FCC needs to stop the madness rather than "Don't give a crap!" smirk.The Viacom Blackout on DirecTV is like Angelique putting...
400th Post. I love fashion!
To tell you the truth, I'm on SSI and I was born with autism. I don't work, period.
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