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I can't believe that is temporary offline. I HATE it. I don't want to see that "Temporary Unavaliabe thing again.
How do I save up for bespoke suit, sportjacket, blazer, trouser, shirt, and necktie? I've never owned a Savile Row bespoke suit (like Anderson and Sheppard or H. Huntsman and Sons) and bespoke shirt like Turnbull & Asser. Spencer Karter Age 18
How much does Darren Beamen's bespoke suits, sportcoats, blazers, and trousers cost? Spencer Karter Age 18
Is it okay if I had the money to buy a custom shirt, off-the-rack suit/sportcoat or necktie online? Why or why not? And here's a picture of me at my Senior Prom Tell me what do you think about it? Spencer Karter Age 18
Here's my photo. Spencer Karter Age 18
What do you think of like for example for Big & Tall custom made single-breasted suits for $150. Do think it's cheap or good price? Spencer Karter Age 18
What collar style is right for me as a big & tall guy? 1.)Pointed 2.)Spread 3.)Button-down 4.)Cutaway 5.)Tab 6.)Rounded What style of suit is right for me as a big & tall guy? 1.)Single Breasted 2.)Double Breasted What type of styles of shirts is right for me as a big and tall guy? 1.)Stripes 2.)Solids 3.)Checks What type of fabric of a suits, sportcoats, and trousers is right for me as a big & tall guy? 1.)Tweed 2.)Stripes 3.)Solids 4.)Plaids...
How does Prince Michael of Kent tie his necktie? Spencer Karter Age 18
I'm around 6' or 6'2" with blue eyes brown hair, my chest is a 56 Long with 20" neck 36 or 37" sleeve with 54" waist. this picture was taken when I was at high school. Now I'm graduated. I'm wearing a ercu ENRO dress shirt with a Don Lopper necktie from the 1980s was prevously owned by my uncle's late father. Do you think I needed a makeover? Why or why not? Spencer Karter Age 18
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