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MikeDT how I do it if I want to get it MTM?
Where can I find a Mad Men-era suit that is made-to-measure? What brands do they make suits and sportcoats like they wear on Mad Men and stores nearby in South Carolina or more than 300 miles closer like NYC? I know high-end department store Barney's sell Band of Brothers, Co-Op, and Thom Browne neckties that are appropriate width 2.25"-2.75" inches wide. Nordstrom have skinny neckties too. I love Mad Men fashion.
I wish I had a shirt and neckties like that! I bet Don Draper wouldn't wear loud colors on MAD MEN.
Was the necktie width in 1966-1969 was 2.25-3 inches? I'm looking at old ads from the 1960s.
I've got some. When I go to and try to watch KNBC 4 from Los Angeles and I get "Stream Not Found" then I've watch WTVJ 6 from Miami and then I get this went offline. Pissed me off badly!
Actually the minimum order for T&A's bespoke for your first order is 6.
I've tried to post my review on RadioShack to FB about a product at RadioShack (AntennaCraft C490 outdoor antenna): instead I get this darn message: We do not support your blog software at this moment, but it has been added to the list of sites to support in the future. Sorry! (I hate that word when issues like this happens) You can check the URL for typos or read our help page to get help. If your blog provider is not in the list of supported providers, you can...
I'm familiar with Ben Silver of Charleston, SC. Great British striped neckties. The only con about it, you CAN'T dry clean it or machine wash the ties which most neckties in other brands are dry clean only.
I've recently lost weight. Unfortunately I gained 15 pounds, I'm now 340 lbs. But I used to be 367 in late 2009. I stand six foot two and a half. At the moment I'm now 18.5" neck 34" sleeve. I have a 56" chest and 58" waist, do you suggest off the rack or custom made suits/sportcoats and dress shirts? If custom made would NYC be an option? Which is the best made to measure/bespoke suits/sportcoats in NYC? J. Press, Brooks Brothers, Paul Stuart, other? Which is the best...
UPDATE I've lost 5 more lbs. I'm now 325 lbs. I've lost altogether 42 lbs since I was at 367 lbs in 2009. I'm now 6'2.5" tall.
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