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Neil Armstrong aka the first man on the moon dead at 82
Oh I see
MikeDT how I do it if I want to get it MTM?
Where can I find a Mad Men-era suit that is made-to-measure? What brands do they make suits and sportcoats like they wear on Mad Men and stores nearby in South Carolina or more than 300 miles closer like NYC? I know high-end department store Barney's sell Band of Brothers, Co-Op, and Thom Browne neckties that are appropriate width 2.25"-2.75" inches wide. Nordstrom have skinny neckties too. I love Mad Men fashion.
I wish I had a shirt and neckties like that! I bet Don Draper wouldn't wear loud colors on MAD MEN.
Was the necktie width in 1966-1969 was 2.25-3 inches? I'm looking at old ads from the 1960s.
I like to nickname my brother and his wife Big Snuffy and Little Snuffy. RIP Jerry Nelson.
I've got some. When I go to http://www.tvpc.com and try to watch KNBC 4 from Los Angeles and I get "Stream Not Found" then I've watch WTVJ 6 from Miami and then I get this went offline. Pissed me off badly!
Actually the minimum order for T&A's bespoke for your first order is 6.
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