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From the now-defunct show The Wire?
Which necktie width would be best with my proportion of 332 lbs?
Did you know Paul Michael Glaser's wife Elizabeth and some of his kids died from AIDS which Liz contracted during a blood transfusion in 1981?
RIP Peter Falk.
I've got a few extra questions to ask. 1.)Why darker colors for suits or sportcoats and even trousers are better on heavy men than light colors? I found out my body type, it's Inverted V. 2.)Which width of neckties I do better with since my weight and height I require extra long neckties? 3.5" or under 5"? 3.)Recently, my neck is 18" with 34" sleeve with 52" chest and 58" waist. What's best for me for Dress Shirts? Off the rack (over-the-peg what Brits call it) or MTM...
Dennis Franz is a legendary character actor of our generations you dig!
Tell me which ones please?
Those narrow ties are trendy and very 1960s like Mad Men for example. I've got a few neckties that are under 3" inches wide. One from Brooks Brothers, Two from Barney's Co-Op, and one from Gitman Bros. which I purchased the latter at David Lindsey Clothiers months ago.
TV Cops are stylish my friend!
What do you mean I would't like wear plaid or bold stripes or trendy narrow neckties like you see on GQ Magazines recently?
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