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You would be better off with a skinny necktie 2.25" to 2.75" inches. And a little semi-spread as well.
The High Numbers aka The Who. RIP Keith Moon and John Entwistle.
I know you understand!
NEWSFLASH! I'm not doing anymore rants on YouTube for the time being
Why are neckties that are 2.25" to 2.75" inches are in style now than neckties that are 4" wide? Why are narrow lapel suits/sportcoats and short collar dress shirts are in style than wider ones these days?
I love the USA! Sometimes I get intense when I come talking about political stuff. I'm not a Marxist, Commie, or a Socialist. I'm just a human being. Don't judge people like that. That's my thought!
Greg Ericho?
It's okay. But had you ever heard of the Sly & The Family Stone song "Don't call me..." you know what? I won't repeat the whole song. I'm not a racist.
Sorry, but you last comment was very offensive to me.
Sorry, I had to flagged your last reply on my comment.
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