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I prefer flat-front trousers and chinos. Very modern and trendy you dig!
That shirt and tie is so-loud! That's what I call timeless vintage style you dig!
The closet Louis Vuitton store where I live is in Charleston, SC. (three hour drive to get there)
Pleats=Yes, Flat-Fronts (which I prefer)= Hell no!
Sorry about the picture being dark. Now I lost 35 lbs altogether (I'm not 332 lbs.) And what colors of suits, sportcoats/blazers, dress shirts, neckties, trousers, and casual wear would I good in? Would a longer collar length or shorter collar length for a dress shirt look good on me? Even narrow or wide necktie? Plus besides solids and small stripes, would bold Stripes, checks, plaids be okay? BTW, Do you think I looked like ex-GMA host David Hartman?
If you went to London and have lots of dough, go to Anderson & Sheppard in Savile Row you dig! For shirts, Turnbull & Asser. Also they got T&A in NYC and Los Angeles as well.
I've got some questions. 1.)Had you ever traveled to places like New York, Los Angeles, Paris, or London to shop for clothing like suits/sportcoats, dress shirts, and neckties (both off the rack aka over-the-peg or bespoke/MTM)? 2.)If you bought a Bespoke/MTM suit/sportcoat, or trousers from either London, New York (like from Barneys to Bergdorf Goodman to J. Press to Paul Stuart and to Brooks Brothers), or Paris, and it arrives in the mail, and it doesn't fit well,...
I've forgot Novelty Ties.
Would medium spread, pointed collar, button-down, or tab collar dress shirts looks good on me? Why Double-Breasted suits don't look good on heavy men like me?
Parachute Pants.
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