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I've got some questions. Which is better, shop locally like my hometown of Greenwood, SC for example or shop out of town like New York City for example for the best clothes? Since I'm about 18" neck 34" sleeve, 56" chest (portly long), and 56" waist, do you think made-to-measure would suit me if I shop locally or shop out of town? What's your advice?
Those damn "Sorry We Deactivated Right-click " warnings that pop-up when you right click anything on a website like http://www.letmewatchtv.net I had to complain to them. Right-click warnings pissed me off badly, I had to complain to them to get rid of it. People who have right-click disabled on their sites are idiots. I hate Right-Click warnings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjfCz9rFzcA&feature=g-upl I made this video months back.
I think the 2.5" wide to 2.75" wide necktie is okay.
I'm 18.5" neck, 35" sleeve, 56" chest and waist. I'm 6'2.5" and I wear a Portly Long. Which is hard to find
Unfortunately I've got more than 8K in a CD and I have to wait til next year to get it out if I want to go to NYC in the future. But I'm saving up for a two night trip to Altanta, Georgia in May. What's the best high-end boutique and department stores in Atlanta, Georgia? Here's some of my choices. 1.)Neiman Marcus 2.)Nordstrom 3.)Bloomingdale's 4.)Ermengildo Zegna 5.)Brooks Brothers 6.)Sid Mashburn 7.)Ralph Lauren 8.)Prada 9.)Louis Vuitton
The blue necktie would look best in that blue dress shirt.
Navy plaid 'Saddlebreed' sport shirt, black/brown convertible belt, brown Bass shoes, and grey Palm Beach flat-front trousers with cuffs.
I've have some shirts that are 20" neck 36" sleeve from Brooks Brothers (I was 19.5" neck, now I'm 18.5" neck with 35" sleeve and I've lost some weight) maybe I should go shop for clothes more often in the future.
What's the largest dress shirt size, suit/sportcoat size, trouser size (all off the rack) carried at high-end NYC stores like Barney's New York and Bergdorf Goodman? I'm 18.5" neck 35" sleeve, 56" chest and 56" waist. Or should I go to Rochester Big and Tall for suits and sportcoats? It's okay to get shirts at Barney's or Bergdorf Goodman off the rack or MTM.
I like TJ Walker's YouTube video, he looks like Matt Lauer.
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