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One of my posts removed on FACEBOOK. CENSORSHIP! >
My advice for the best shirts, go to Turnbull & Asser their shirts are made in Britain. Famous customers included Prince Charles and the late Sir David Frost. Even James Bond wears T&A sea island shirts with turnback cuffs. I'm planning on going to T&A in NYC later this month if the Lords willing. It's a shame that T&A closed their Beverly Hills store earlier this year.
The late great 40th President looked stylish in Windsor knots.
Did you know that the late David Frost was afraid of eating mustard and once dated Diahann Carrol?
The late Alan Whicker worn a windsor knot while the late David Frost wore a four-in-hand knot.
Since Sir David Frost has passed away. He was a great TV personality, but he had great style. His shirts were made by Turnbull & Asser. I'm planning on shopping in NYC at Turnbull & Asser later this month.
A controversial subject like 'music licensing' is things that pissed off people.
I've got two Barney's co-op neckties.
Here's my take. 1.)Turnbull & Asser 2.)Brooks Brothers 3.)J. Press 4.)Charvet 5.)Paul Stuart 6.)Van Heusen 7.)Arrow 8.)Hathaway (defunct) 9.)Zegna 10.)Giorgio Armani 11.)Barney's Co-Op 12.)Brioni 13.)Hamilton Shirts 14.)Samuelsohn 15.)Southwick 16.)Oxxford 17.)Hickey-Freeman 18.)Palm Beach 19.)Botany 500 20.)Deansgate I had to wait to get back on the computer because my cousin was doing his school work at the un-timely hour. I had to wait to get back on it after he got...
I've got some questions. Which is better, shop locally like my hometown of Greenwood, SC for example or shop out of town like New York City for example for the best clothes? Since I'm about 18" neck 34" sleeve, 56" chest (portly long), and 56" waist, do you think made-to-measure would suit me if I shop locally or shop out of town? What's your advice?
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