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got the flannel lined chino and cotton-cashmere sweater today. love the chino! do their cotton-cashmere sweaters shrink after wash?
how much money have u guys sent to j crew so far, F/W 09 ? just curious I've spent some 600 bucks.
cotton-cashmere crewneck
Quote: Originally Posted by synovoid ordered this sweater (on sale) and flannel-lined chino.
so the flannel-lined chino only available in regular fit? no classic or relaxed -fit last year?
dont know why, but this looks ok to me. even this crewneck sweater is kinda similar to the sueded fleece crewneck pullover
a shirt or a tee under crewneck sweater, fine. not sweatshirt, IMO.
never tried a shirt under a sweatshirt, and I dont really like the look in this pic
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert I bought this and love it. Why would I wear it just at home? The only things I wear just at home are pajamas and my robe. so how do you wear it? with or without a shirt?
do you guys wear this Sueded fleece crewneck pullover just at home?
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