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some new rollouts, but nothing interesting
the best of F/W09 \t Youngstown flannel shirt Secret Wash button-down shirt in gunmetal giant gingham \t Regular-fit flannel-lined chino
did not see any new stuff in store yesterday
Quote: Originally Posted by e23 I know its a little early but anyone think J.Crew will have some good sales for Black Friday? Or is it just wishful thinking because I'm naive haha. I remember they had 20% or 30% off for 200+ last year
Quote: Originally Posted by gtenney I still think the University coat is a really nice coat. It was just longer than I expected. It felt like it was good quality and warm (w/thinsulate). I would recommend sizing down for it though. I wear a Large in almost everything from J Crew and the Large University Coat was too big. thanks! I just went to j crew, and put on a size small. man, it's way too rommier. also It's about 2 inches longer than...
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Looks floppier than the j. crew counterpart. Sometimes BR will do a decent sweater but you have to be very choosy. After the j. crew I dropped into the vintage store and almost copped a $36 1960s Sears Roebuck overcoat. It was sort of pea coat length and cut but with narrow lapels, and was made from some sort of large tweed pattern and thick faux-fur lining. Outer pockets had flaps. It fit perfectly. I can't stop...
Quote: Originally Posted by gtenney I received a few items this week that I ordered a couple weeks ago when they were having that 20% off sale. I thought that I would share my thoughts on a couple of the items that I got. I ordered the university coat. I have been looking for a good wool jacket for some time and I thought this looked perfect. Unfortunately I was very disappointed with the way that it fit me. I wear a size large in almost everything...
J Crew or BR? any thoughts? I dont own any wool-cashmere thing from J Crew. wool-cashmere feels better than merino? this is the first ever thing I wanna buy from banana republic
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Don't wash your sweaters. thanks, man. but I have no motivation to dry clean the $40 j crew cotton-cashmere sweater.
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert You wash your cotton-cashmere?! I wouldn't do this. Dry clean them if they need a washing. About the only time I have ever washed a sweater is if I've been stuck somewhere warm where I can't slip out of it and sweat too much. I do wash my cotton sweaters, and this one is 90% or 95% cotton. of course I would not wash cashmere ones.
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