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did not see the red chambray in store during the weekend.
J Crew x Red Wing Rugged Classic Boots, size 8.5D, hickory color (hard to find this color). these are great boots, worn only once. $125 shipped to CONUS, paypal only. SOLD!
Fossil also make this kinda field watch
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 Why is there all this J.Crew Timex hate? So it is $150 watch that you guys value at $30. What is good value then? The $20 poly watchband? $20 boxers? $40 cotton ts? Everything that is sold at J.Crew can be had for a fraction of the price at Walmart, Kmart, and Target. When you buy something at J.Crew you are never getting good value by any normal standards. Outside of SF everybody would think you were crazy...
30 bucks for a Timex watch, and 20 or 15 bucks for a J Crew watch strap. Timex should learn some lessons here. and I think the J Crew x Timex is basically a 30 bucks watch, but J Crew made it cool and sell for 150. that's the J Crew magic! Quote: Originally Posted by hnlax someone also posted this one awhile back: i picked it up, and i like it a lot. i went and bought the burgundy and tan...
it's a good watch for 30 bucks. I like the j crew timex, but not gonna spend 150 on that shit.
what's Robert's watch? Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Get em while you can!
wow, nowadays JPs cost over 50 bucks, and j crew's are priced at 65, damn!
Converse made in usa? when? 90s? never paid attention...
these are retail stuff, not outlet. the guy in store said these are returned items, but who cares, 30 bucks MacAlister boots.
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