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I've bought 10 j crew shirts since last fall. .. Quote: Originally Posted by racknac Just pulled the trigger on the Red Chambray and another Madaras shirt.... i swear i've bought almost half of their shirts this season.
yeah, I know it's fine to pair like that. but come on, spring is coming, personally I dont prefer dark jacket + dark jeans. Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse It should go fine with any dark jeans except black.
tried to buy the shadow utility jacket, but realized it would be a problem to pair it with dark jeans.
ha ha, can I get the raw for 10 bucks, and go home do my down secret wash?
anybody got the Inventory Magazine from J Crew? worth 20 bucks?
A pair of 1947 LVC 501 jeans for sale. brand new w/ tag, raw denim, shrink-to-fit, tag size W30 L34. $160 shipped
they have button fly rockers?
I like the fit of the Rogue Territory, never heard the brand though.
nice pix, dude
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