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the first one was listed online, guess sold out online now.
the xs is better
price drop!
I saw some faded oxford shirts in store during the weekend, but they're not online. they're nice.
guess yes. but better call their customer service before you pull the trigger. Quote: Originally Posted by aktao Do you think the LL Bean watch can be fitted with the J Crew watch straps? If they could, I might actually consider getting the LL Bean watch.
this one looks better to me than J Crew's secret washed Timex.
LL Bean's military watch bet, $100, not secret washed.
that does snot sound very encouraging... I want something more vibrant for a spring jacket. Quote: Originally Posted by mulansauce SHADOW is navy, it looks more faded, less vibrant in person.
anybody can post a fit pic of utinity jacket in SHADOW color? cannot tell the what the color is on their site. is it a navy? a bright navy? or a faded navy?
the coastal plaid shirt does look different in store, but it's still a nice shirt and I bought it. Quote: Originally Posted by chenzhongbi The coastal plaid looks nice but I can't pull the trigger especially you mentioned they are somewhat different from online images.
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