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they charge for over 200 bucks for 44 501??? Quote: Originally Posted by olg666
but it's selvage and big E... thats why i am curious Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo ^if its selvage and big E, it cant be 501 85´s... I do think thers 80s 501 Lvcs though.
From JCrew website: "The jean that made denim famous by the brand that made jeans famous, this is Levi's reissue of the original 501 from 1947." it's selvage, big E, back pockets same as 47 lvc ones, and made in USA. the only thing is the inner tag shows 855010001, not 475010001. it's not the limited 47 regular 501, for that one is not selvage. Quote: Originally Posted by kit99bar I don't think jcrew advertises it as LVC 1947 does it? It's just...
the levi's 501 I got from JCrew has a tag showing 855010001 instead of 475010001. there is 1985 lvc 501? no, right? it's selvage w/ big E, and JCrew's website says it's a 47 501
can I buy 1944 lvc 501 from any online store in the US? or any local store?
I got a pair of the 501 from JCrew during thanksgiving, and the patch is the same as this. the only difference is that mine is capital E red tag. by the way, any way to check if this pair of 501 is the 1947 one? Quote: Originally Posted by whatuknowaboutthat
where can I get the $98 leather patch 501 on the right? Quote: Originally Posted by whatuknowaboutthat So J.crew bought these for REALLLL cheap, then washed it once, and now they are "collector's item". Word
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