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kinda interested in the Sherpa hoodie, any thoughts?
I have the blue chambray, and I really like it. went to the store during the weekend, and my gf said she likes the red chambray, damn it's another $98. Quote: Originally Posted by sazon A lot of folks said this about the blue chambray as well and I dont think that bad boy ever went on sale. Still stuck on $98 after at least a year.
it's 501STF Quote: Originally Posted by kmdsimpson Love the fit of that jacket. What kind of jeans are you wearing?
this color is not listed online. they have shadow, faded dark brown, and this color in store.
got my utility jacket
they have faded black?? Quote: Originally Posted by xanatos All the utility jackets are a faded color. The blue one is faded navy and the black is faded black. Simple as that.
whats the color? Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Yes, bought it and returned it in the same weekend, couple weekends back. What do you wanna know? I didn't dig the color myself, or the design.
anybody saw the Cadet jacket in honey brown in person?
got my utility jacket in shadow, not sure I like the color or not. it's kinda faded navy.
my retail store has these 1 for $20, damn. they usually do price match? Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Dave, my retail store has the bands on sale 2 for $20. You should ask why some store have them for that price.
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