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maybe its the only thing I am gonna get http://cdni.llbean.com/is/image/wim/...id=292&hei=346
loving my red chambray shirt.
call customer service, and they will look for it in XS for you.
fireman jacket $268 levis trucker jacket $128 I'd like to try these two in store.
full price items Quote: Originally Posted by BeerBaron My impression was that shipping is always free when you order from the red phone.
fit pix if you dont mind Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Tried the red chambray with my 501 STFs (still dark blue). The look is great.
do they offer free shipping for these watch straps (2 for $30) on the red phone?
j crew have a similar one: Kids' Timex® Camper watch http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Browse/Crew...0445/20445.jsp Quote: Originally Posted by Chris Nosnah Is this the one your talking about? I think this looks nicer than the jcrew one it just needs a jcrew strap lol. They are pretty much the same.
is it ok to wear a shirt underneath? is it true to size? Quote: Originally Posted by kmdsimpson I have it. It is good, but nothing particularly special. One nice feature is the inside pocket. Note that the sherpa lining makes the arms really narrow inside, so it's hard to layer over other things, because the arms will be too tight.
kinda interested in the Sherpa hoodie w/ 30% off, any thoughts?
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