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anyone got this belt? any thoughts?
they sold out the fireman jacket? hard to believe
when do they usually roll out summer collection? April? Quote: Originally Posted by mmize It's likely they will in the summer collection. I'm waiting for the urban slim fits in the Nantucket red that I missed last summer.
saw a couple of short sleeve shirts in store today. do you guys think they'll roll out more short sleeve shirts?
got my short sleeve shirt yesterday, and it's going back to llbean today. the fit is a joke
I could be wrong, but somehow I think they had a bunch of nice shirts and ties (for the price, of course) a couple years ago.
j crew outlet stuff are getting worse...
well, kinda like the Blucher Moc, which color is better? Dark Khaki or Deepest Navy?
looks like their S is larger than j crew's S. I really like the shirt, but not sure if it worth alterations.
emailed CS for measurements of Madras Plaid Short Sleeve Shirt size S, shoulder to should=18
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