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Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 your still angry huh? poor guy. and YoUr correct, i am not jewish. I had an ounce of respect for you until now, because you once at your house blessed with a pair of Quoddy boat shoes, before you sold them for a profit to buy your dinner at Taco Bell.... Now, I have lost that ounce of respect. You are the dumbest Jew I know. THE DUMBEST. I am ashamed.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt That isn't Italian, dude. ALZ, you are way too classy to be Jewish. And smart. Smart like a motherfucker, you are. You beat me to it.
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 vostro un idiota First of all, O son of Adam and Descendent of Yitzhak: If you are going to stick something into Babelfish, LEARN TO FIRST SPELL IT CORRECTLY IN ENGLISH before you Press "Translate into Italian". You typed in " Your an idiot" as in "your book" = "vostro libro".... You should type in "You're an idiot"... plus Babelfish doesn' get gender correct, and....hold on....wait a...
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 so like, you sound upset. mazel tov, ach! Mazel tov!
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 what is wrong with being jewish anyway? im italian and irish but larry david is my fucking idol so i would proudly be jewish. bwaahahahhahahhahahhaha! Nice save! not! At least you have pangs of a conscience, whatever...and stand up for your true self when a goy disses ya...mazel tov!
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma I don't know what he looks like, everything I've read from his has been downright stupid though. Aren't Jews supposed to be all smart and stuff? Do you have a pic of his long fingers used to snatch wallets? Yo....it is enough just from his attitude that he is Jewish. Who the fuck said jews are supposed to be smart! Didn't Jane Goodall discover that even chimpanzees can count whatever the fuck they use for...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Wow, great threak guy. I think some dude just managed to make whatever123 look good, an event previously thought to be impossible. Now look here, my good man: Whatever123 is Jewish, OK? You can let him get away with anything....but not escape his own heritage. He is stuck in the mud with the rest of us. And wallowing herein, he will remain....
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 btw, it was an excellent bonus ... i get another one in nov/dec. ill let you know about that one too. you need to get over the fact you did not get the job at gs or find a doctor or something. how much was it? you're my hero.
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 so like ... does this mean you wont pm me anymore? dude...is it my fault that they botched your bris milah? Now repeat after me: "Quoddy rules! Quoddy rules!"
and what the fuck is with all the Korean self-hatred on this board. I live in Toronto, and you guys are all over here...and I love the Korean barbecue, and the BekSeJu and the SoJu....
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