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Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug No one (especially the gheys) wants dinner with nathan when that other model is still there. If you have that one german looking model who was at the december party, you'd have all the girls and guys clamouring to get a date with him that's fine with me, anyone who shows interest in him isn't gonna be my type anyway. i have a thing against people who refer to themselves as 'diva'
APC fashion! i included the women's in case any of you suave fellows wants to earn some points with the special lady in your life. Pima Mesh Top 89% Cotton, 9% Viscose, 2% Polyamide Available in XS,S,M $195 20 Year Pima Stripe Shirt 100% Cotton Available in XS,S,M $90 Pima Striped Polo 100% Cotton Available in S,M,L $105 Pima Classic Knit Cardigan 100% Cotton Available in S,M,L $240 Patchwork Stripe Tie 100% Silk One Size $112
^^ mauro's getting the measurements for you guys now. whodini was kind enough to write this up for our blog, so i'm reposting it because this is my first season working with crate denim and have no idea as to the fits. as always, hit us up with questions. First up: the James. The fit is a slimmer straight, low rise, and hems cut just wide enough so that they always fit over your shoelaces because it's as big of a pet peeve for Crate as it is for...
thanks for all the website feedback guys! right now we're working on a few things (as per your suggestions): -finding a way to make the brand names show up in the "categories" section when browsing -not having the sidebar reset when you click on an item (i.e. if you click on shipley, you don't have to scroll back down to shipley again) -including closeups of texture/patterns for photos -uniform photos (we did these in like 4 separate shoots so thanks for cutting me...
Quote: Originally Posted by wmmk Maybe I just read it wrong, but today's blog post seemed to be saying that you were stocking both NiCo and BoO madras shorts. If that's the case, is there any chance you could put up price/size info and pics for the NiCo shorts? my bad on that one. sorry about the grammar error, we only got in the oxblood shorts from nice collective, not a madras pair as well.
Three new items from BoO: L/S Button Down Collar in Green/Khaki Plaid 100% Cotton Made in U.S.A. Available in xs,s,m,l,xl $253 L/S Button Down Collar in Sea Island White 100% Cotton Made in U.S.A. Available in s,m,l,xl $299 Shorter Short in Blue/Red Madras 100% Cotton Made in U.S.A. Available in xs (0),s (1),m (2),l (3) $230
Quote: Originally Posted by Coldsnap sweet! website up next week, i will order that shipley polo then because I NEED it! the shipley polo will be up on the website soon, but i don't have pictures of it so it won't be up at the immediate launch. i'm really sorry! we're trying to get it shot either next week or the week after so it won't be long, but let me know if you need/want anything in the meantime. i'll hook you up with measurements,...
We just got in the remainder of our first Engineered Garments shipment as well as a little bit of stuff from our friends over at Apolis Activisim. the first picture won't work for some reason, sorry guys. http://blog.shopfarinellis.com/uploa...ont-779168.jpg Henley Neck Shirt in Grey Heather 100% Cotton Made in U.S.A. Available in s,m,l,xl $127 Ghurka Short in Burgundy Foulard Print 100% Cotton Made in U.S.A. Available in 28,30,32,34 $184 Copley Shirt...
So news is that we've been shipped the Peter Jensen x Fred Perry Oversize Harrington Jacket. This jacket is quite a piece of work: high collar, back vent, ribbed hem and cuffs, and oversized pockets and embroidered laurel. It's being offered in 3 separate colors: black, red, and french navy check. We'll also be getting some of the Made In Japan polos as well, so keep your eyes peeled for those.
Quote: Originally Posted by Coldsnap first pic of metro men, is that the shipley pants? yessir
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