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The latest in our series of lifestyle guides- The Farinelli's Guide to Party Etiquette!
website is back up! sorry for the delay
hey guys just a heads up our website is down and we're not entirely sure why. if anyone is interested in making a purchase please just give the store a call (703.647.9856), we'll be there from 12-6 today and hopefully we'll have this resolved by the end of the day
Mauro rockin' the work pant
Mauro rockin' the work pant
RRL STOCKLIST This is as of 6:30ish pm. We'll be in the store at 9:30am (EST) tomorrow, which is when we'll start taking phone orders for RRL Here's what we have as of now with prices. Once again, pics are here: http://profile.imageshack.us/user/whodini Heather Grey Henley- $150 XL Olive Military Shirt- $250 S,M,L Officer Chino in Ghurka- $185 30x34, 32x34(2), 34x34, 36x34(2) Officer Chino in Black- $185 29x32, 30x34, 31x34, 33x34, 36x34 Red Plaid Flannel-...
Quote: Originally Posted by Caveat Once again asking for help on the EG Kendall jacket. Anybody seen it? Is it black or brown? faded black, most definitely not brown.
Quote: Originally Posted by MrDrizzle Ugh, I really don't want to be spending any more money. ...bought an RRL Henley/Oxford anyway. Damn it all. Also you guys suck for having the EG purple plaid flannel still listed even though it's been sold out forever we have one XL left, or did as of leaving yesterday. Quote: Originally Posted by chronic Same here. How do we get the info for us bandwagon...
hey guys- i tested the code and got it to work on the WvG shirts, not sure why some people are having errors and some aren't. if you'd like to still purchase one and it isn't working please just put a note in the comments section and we'll refund you the remaining % as soon as possible (sometime this weekend for sure, but we might not have time to get to everyone on friday)
Since tote holders have first dibs it doesn't do much good to tell you guys what's currently in stock for RRL, so RRL STOCK LIST WILL BE POSTED THURSDAY.
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