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Quote: Originally Posted by haspy teddieriley - true acecow - thats good to know Seems like a better tie is not tie bar And this is based on??? Do you make all of your decisions this way? Scary!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving Just an FYI: Tiebar ties are very thick. They are hard to tie, and end up creating massive knots. Assuming you know how to tie a necktie...I've ordered many ties from the site and have not had any problem tying them
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Quote: Originally Posted by OxWing How do you guys lace up your Jack Purcell's (or other plimsolls)? I just tie mine up tight but I feel like that might look a little "square." Just curious to see how y'all do it. I just lace mines up the regular old out fine but not ruling out experimentation
Quote: Originally Posted by radicaldog Sorry, found it: I'm an idiot. Thanks for the link...I too didnt realise there was another T&A website
You could have spent a whole lot less and got better fitting and looking suits...For the money you should have gone the bespoke route.
im joking...take it easy!
Quote: Originally Posted by costadelmar16 Hey I'm looking at a nice versace collection suit at century 21. I'm pretty sure the jacket is half-canvassed. I like it a lot but I was wondering if its worth $430. What does everyone think? Is this Liberace? I thought you were dead.
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