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Yes, size 9. What a small world.Do hit me up if it doesn't work out for you.
^Agree. Wish it were shorter much much shorter to be wearable for a hobbit like me.
Had my eye on the Brown Calf Captoe Brogues for more than two months. I have been so hesitant b/c it was like a gamble buying shoes online and I'd rather stay away from the hassle of having to return them. When I was just about to pull the trigger just now, my size was OOS! I swear they were still available last night when I checked. Now I'm just kicking myself...
Thanks @AHSThe jacket looks good. The button stance is not as low as I worried earlier.Does anybody know if the jackets are cut to the same pattern across the board? I had my eye on a suit instead of a sport coat. I hope they fit the same.
Speaking of shirts, I really want a shirt like the one Mike's wearing in this photo. Deets? @Epaulet What's the name of such a pattern?
Thanks guys! The brown herringbone was sold out in my size so the decision is suddenly made easy.
I have a bunch of noob questions. I'm torn between two LBM overcoats. Brown herringbone or camel casentino? I noticed that the casentino fabric is heavier (560g vs 430), but have no idea how much warmer does it translate to? I'd like the coat to be able to handle midwest winter. In terms of sizing, I typically take 38 short, so is 50 the way to go? Will the proportion look off for my height? One more question, how does the coat fit without a jacket underneath? I own an...
+1I'm tempted by a jacket but worried about the high button stance.That would be great. Thanks in advance.
^ They are currently running the "winter clearance" sale online. I'm curious to see if the price is going to be lower later. I had my eye on a "natural collection" sport coat during their after-Christmas sale but didn't pull the trigger. Now the price is still the same but the additional 15% off is no longer available.
So Nordstrom's website says my size is sold out. I went ahead to check with their CS and was told it is indeed sold out across the nation both online and in store.A question for everybody: how accurate is their inventory? Should I call a store nearby and try my luck? I guess I can always check Nordstrom Rack later as well:)For those interested, 6pm still has some on sale in other sizes for...
New Posts  All Forums: