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I see. Now the prices are less tempting.
So I saw some suits on sale online and it says "take additional 30% off", but until I went to the last step of check-out, the prices remained the same. Are 30% off already reflected in the sale price?
Thanks.So it's still 40% off? Wondering if it's a good time to get some shoe care products from them.
They came out great! You completely transformed the shoes.
Allison actually gave a similar suggestion wrt to 2-last sizing. I told her 9E 5-lasted PA fits me right though my feet measure 9.5D on Brannock device. She suggested getting 9.5E or 8.5EEE for 2-laste Eagle Country.
That makes more sense.Could you take a look to see what the selection of 9.5d is like?I'll see if there's anything left the week after next week when I have time to make it to the city.
I think I got measured and bought my first pair of AE there. Their stock room is quite impressive. I'll call it a shoe cave.Are you saying the price will go up later?
So the consensus is that if not planning to wear the shirt with a tie, sizing half-size down from the true neck size for tailor fit is the way to go?
Great! Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check them out for sure.
I just provided my payment info to Allison after trying get hold of her over the phone countless times.She mentioned that she is still waiting for 3 other people's confirmation and payment info. She also added that if she doesn't receive it at the end of this week, she will start invoicing and whatnot.
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