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Thanks for the detailed response.Looks like I'll go with the navy fabric.Once the measurements are available online, I'll compare them with the vest I own to double-check if the length is a problem.
A couple of followup question wrt to the vest: I normally take 38 short for suits and jackets. I assume that these vests come in regular lenghths only. How critical is the length when it comes to the proportion and thhe fit for this type of garment? I also need some help from my fellow styleforum members to decide on a color. Most of my winter outerwear pieces are in gray and navy. I already own a lapel-less vest in gray herringbine tweed. I also have a pair of heavy...
I feel you. Waiting for the release of henleys.
Hi Mike, You mentioned some time ago that henleys would be released this week. Is it still the case?
Got a pair of blackwatch. Rudy size 32 is my go-to size, so I bought this pair in size 34 in Walt fit. Hopefully it will work out with some waist alteration and possibly letting out the thighs a little bit.
Is that Mike wearing the Driggs Single Pleat?Does it mean that by adding a single pleat, Rudy guys can fit in Walts and Driggs too due to the more generous thighs and seat?
Yes. I just got it this morning. Unfortunately, the chambray shirt I have been eying for years was sold out when Jamison packed my order. Bummer!
Which link if I may ask? I can't seem to find other listings after doing a forum search.
Thanks.I placed an order last Thursday, so I assume that it will take some extra time to ship.
Are there any 15.5*33 in extra slim fit? Thanks.
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