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Nice! Is it an MTO?
Sweet, thanks a lot.Now I've also added Lake shore drive in tan and Rush street in golden brown CXL to my list. Decision, decision, decision.
I'm new to the shoebank. How good is the current the 20% off virtual tent sale? A quick search in the thread suggests that they sometimes have 2 for 250 sales? I'm kinda interested in Mora 2.0 and Bleeker Street if it helps. While we are at it, how should I size AE last 8 shoes? I have only a pair of Park Avenue (5 Last) in 9E and the fit is great. The SA at AE store measured my feet on the Brannock device and told me my feet are 9.5 but slightly on the wide side of D. My...
Thanks for the detailed response.Looks like I'll go with the navy fabric.Once the measurements are available online, I'll compare them with the vest I own to double-check if the length is a problem.
A couple of followup question wrt to the vest: I normally take 38 short for suits and jackets. I assume that these vests come in regular lenghths only. How critical is the length when it comes to the proportion and thhe fit for this type of garment? I also need some help from my fellow styleforum members to decide on a color. Most of my winter outerwear pieces are in gray and navy. I already own a lapel-less vest in gray herringbine tweed. I also have a pair of heavy...
I feel you. Waiting for the release of henleys.
Hi Mike, You mentioned some time ago that henleys would be released this week. Is it still the case?
Got a pair of blackwatch. Rudy size 32 is my go-to size, so I bought this pair in size 34 in Walt fit. Hopefully it will work out with some waist alteration and possibly letting out the thighs a little bit.
Is that Mike wearing the Driggs Single Pleat?Does it mean that by adding a single pleat, Rudy guys can fit in Walts and Driggs too due to the more generous thighs and seat?
Yes. I just got it this morning. Unfortunately, the chambray shirt I have been eying for years was sold out when Jamison packed my order. Bummer!
New Posts  All Forums: