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Maybe I'm too late to jump on the bandwagon, but the prices of 257s and 256s on the w-concept shop are no longer 30% off. All I can get is 20% off with free shipping with the coupon code. Is it just me or their sale has ended?
Saw this scarf in the interview thread, but I guess posting my question here would be more efficient. I really dig this scarf GDL's wearing, but I can't seem to find it in the online store. Can someone ID it for me? Thanks.
Great thread, CityConnection! I have a question about frame adjustment. My mom bought a frame and had lenses put on for me as a back-up pair. It doesn't quite fit my face, so it has been collecting dust on my desk. Basically the temples dig into my head and the frame hardly sits on my nose mainly due to the width of the frame. I can push it towards my face to let it sit properly for awhile, but somehow it can always "escape" away from my face. I guess it is because when...
Wow this is crazy. I'll keep my fingers crossed that my local store has 15/33 in stock so I can try both sizes on to compare the fit. Thanks for the heads-up.
Great, thanks! I see what you are saying.I forgot to mention that the size 15 collar felt a little too snug too, so I'll size up to 15.5 still in extra slim fit to see how it goes.
I have a question about their shirt sizing. I just tried on the extra slim fit dress shirt in size 15/33 I bought last year, but I have been hitting the gym more frequently ever since and now I feel like the arm holes are a little bit too high. By sizing up to 15.5/33, can I expect slightly larger arm holes?
The spread collar chambray shirts are back in stock. It says "extra slim fit" on the website, but are specific measurements available somewhere? Or should I contact Jamison directly?
The printed poplin shirt looks kinda nice, but I'll wait until it's 70% off.
Great info. Thanks!
Are they going to close the online store on Feb 2nd too?
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