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Quick question. If I call a SA who I know to order sth and have it shipped to my home address, do they charge shipping?
What does the back of the vest look like? Is there a center cinch?
I was wondering if you guys can give me some sizing advice on the Cavanaugh I bought from shoebank. I was measured 9.5d on the Brancock device. Actually it's between 9 and 9.5, and slightly wider than D. I normally wear 9E in 5-last shoes. I got these Cavanaughs in 9.5D. They give me terrible heel slips. My entire heel slips out of the shoes when walking. What I also noticed is that the midsection of the shoes bows out quite a bit. Does it mean that I should size down on...
A quick question, can I call a retail location to ask a SA to order a pair of seconds for me? It just occurred to me I should start building some rapport with an AE SA.
Awesome, thanks a lot. I'm just not sure if medium spread or fashion spread are "spread" enough. If not, I need to go with the british spread.
Mike, Are there real life pictures showing different Individualized MTO collar styles before the end of the welcome promotion? I found it difficult to tell how wide collars are by looking at just sketches. In addition, is it possible to specify the cuff measurement? A lot of OTR shirt cuffs are too wide for my thin wrists.
Thanks for the suggestion.For the sizing, how do people normally size 8-lasted shoes compared to the 5-lasted ones?AE describes 8 last as even longer and narrower than the notorious 2 last.
Oxblood Carlyle is growing on me. When will be a good time to score a pair? They are currently $249 in shoebank. Does shoebank randomly put certain styles on sale at $199?
Cross-post from the quick Q&A thread. I apologize for the wrinkles on the coat and the pants/sneakers. Was just trying to snap some quick pics. Should I have the sides taken in? I intend to wear a suit underneath it. The jacket I was wearing in the pictures was a tweed jacket which may be a little thicker than the suits I have. The back looks fine for me, but the front looks sloppy. Is it possible to have the sides taken in without ruining the back silhouette?
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