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I've sent Roden Gray a few emails with various questions but never got a reply once. I gave up with them, lol.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol click the link in the e-mail genius There is no link in the email I got, ahaha. It's just blank. Password reset won't even work. Fail.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brosef Yeah they were dicks last time I went there two (2 years ago?). Can you ask them to bring somethign from their site to the store? I hate returning stuff by mail... Yeah last time I emailed asking about selection in the store when it opens, they said you can have them forward things from their warehouse to their store. This was like in September so probably still holds true.
We have that much snow up here right now. Except it's above 0 right now so it's melting. And then later on it's going to drop back below 0. So everything will freeze into ice. Fuck.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one fishtail cometh after my dinner About to leave for work and it's -20 according to my thermo. I think you made my day a little more warmer with this announcement. Is this just previews or will we be able to place an order as well with Charly? Does anyone know where I can buy this scarf besides TBS since they're sold out? *EDIT Okay Didn't look hard enough lol. Oki-Ni has em.
Gonna be -20C friday apparently Drew. Please save me Got 5 bills ready for you now, haha.
Quote: Originally Posted by virus646 I'm sad I didn't had the chance to see Uncontrol when I was in Montreal during my internship....ok, maybe I wanted to see his GF more than him but w/e. No offense to uncontrol but there's all sorts of pretty girls all over Montreal? :-|
You're just jealous you didn't see Uncontrol out in the wild. *edit beat by lane
Lol they just moved There from near the ikea. We're on corner of hickmore and monte de liesse. I'll be on lookout when boarding the 100 next time, haha.
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