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Stop putting your wallet in your back pocket.
Quote: Originally Posted by zerostyle Quick question: What retail brick&mortar stores carry Clark's Desert Boots? I want to try them on for size before ordering online. Pretty sure everyone? Well, atleast the large department stores lol.
I really like that fit Aeglus. Shoes do look elongated Kelv. Probably just the camera angle though. *Edit Yup, looks fine in your other fit on your blog.
*Edit PM-ing instead. Sorry.
No summer kops...Will probably have to go UNIQLO route since I need to save for New Zealand trip
These are all brand new items...some of them have been just tried on. Shoes need a polish. A little bit of residue on em that'll easily come off. Imperial Shearers in Size 28. Brand new, never been worn. $150. $15 shipping to USA and $10 in Canada You can find the measurements on self-edge. Diesel Larkee in Size 28(Length is 32 on these). You can find the wash # and such on the second...
Black trousers for a true 29 under $200?? Suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by siglo vi Can any of y'all recommend a tailor to get modifications? For suiting as well as some streetwear ish, thanks. The one Fuuma recommended in this thread is awesome. Alteration Paul. He's at square philips in front of the bay on st. catherine. 1255, Rue Du Square-Phillips Also, every time I'm on St Laurent sober and just walking in the area near where Les Etoffes is supposed to be, I never find it. After a... lol fucking ridiculous.
Trying to find a brand that was posted here awhile ago I think. MOTO or something, I think it was japanese and they did shoes/boots?
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