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Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one I'm not a very good photographer. I know some people who take photos and stuff but it's a real hassle to wait for them to be free and then get somebody who looks half decent in the clothes to come and model them, get the clothes steamed for pics, etc. That's what I did for 7 months last year Except in large quantities. 300-400 pieces to be steamed each day and then help photographers and models as they...
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 Sorry, Unc. If you'd like, I'll treat you to some croissants at Second Cup and we can browse H&M afterwards. Cheap date.
Quote: Originally Posted by linkinwayne Hmm. Any particular reason you don't like them? Too soft or something? Yeah they're soft. Feels weird sometimes.I'm not quite sure exactly why I don't like them tbh. I also pretty much wear my indigo revivals exclusively since I don't have a pair of faded denim anymore. Gave my other pair to N&F
Quote: Originally Posted by linkinwayne God, I love Naked & Famous so much. I've tried Nudies, APCs, Iron Hearts etc etc (even have a pair of Lanvin x Acne's), and have more jeans than shirts, pretty much. And WG Frankenstein's are still my go-to jeans. Having said that, I have a pair of Skinny Guy Indigo Power stretch jeans (waist 29) and a pair of Slim Guy Raised Selvedge jeans (waist 28) that I would actually consider selling if I get good offers....
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese love the website. you guys should add some of the photos from the toj shoot on the various product pages. Yeah, I have to rework how the images are going to be displayed so I can add the back/detail shots atleast. Maybe also add something that pulls images from the TOJ Gallery in an image slider or something.
I saw someone walking outside with crocs 10 minutes ago. WTF??? It's like -25 with windchill...
Quote: Originally Posted by El Gordo Damn, wouldn't it be awesome if someone offered a MTM asymmetrical zip leather riders jacket for around $700? Shame nobody does that Head on over to TOJ thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by softy Just buy the thing I am selling. You live in Canada after all. Nice website btw Almost bought a fishtail but decided to save it up for NZ instead... Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by softy I bet you think you'll get a free leather jacket out of this for all of your efforts, you little scamp Well, I'd have to have the steez for a leather first I don't want a bomber and the DR and shit is just too cool for me. *EDIT I'll post a pic I took for my first WAYWT of my boring self tonight...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll I wish there was a way to view this thread and only see drew and charlie's posts and people's fit pictures. It's annoying to have to click through pages and pages of bullshit just to see if there is actually any new info. I'm going to(Willy too!) post any TOJ-related posts that Drew or Charly make on the unofficial website so it would be easier to do this.
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