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Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 Very few dealers carry W+H in size XS. Blackbird was the only one I saw carrying any of the SS09 pieces in XS. And unfortunately, Blackbird carried a much more limited selection of the collection as compared to a store like Roden Gray. I would still like to know why many of these dealers say.... BoO XS = Yes, we'll carry it! W+H XS = No, it's too small for anyone to fit into However, BoO XS is actually smaller...
Does anyone know if any retailers(and which?) are going to be carrying any of the FW stuff in XS guaranteed?
Does anyone know if the 30% discount for first time orders from Revolve also works on their new site ForwardForward.com ?
Quote: Originally Posted by mwcurry Where in St. Louis is there an H&M? --- Any one have a boot suggestion for bad (consistently raining) weather? Saint Louis Galleria 1155 Saint Louis Galleria Saint Louis, MO 63117 According to the H&M Store Locator
Where are you located in Canada? If you're in Montreal...I may be able to point you in the right direction.
Hi guys, I just purchased my first suit last week(well...asides from what I wore during my prom, heh)... Now the problem is, I'm not sure what brand/style/color of shoes to wear with it. Again, I've never really worn any shoes besides casual/sports shoes so I'm not sure what is "in" right now or not. As I'm still a college student, I only have a $200 budget to spend on the shoes. If you could show a picture with your suggestion, that'd be great or direct me to a...
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