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Does anyone know if any retailers(and which?) are going to be carrying any of the FW stuff in XS guaranteed?
Does anyone know if the 30% discount for first time orders from Revolve also works on their new site ForwardForward.com ?
Quote: Originally Posted by mwcurry Where in St. Louis is there an H&M? --- Any one have a boot suggestion for bad (consistently raining) weather? Saint Louis Galleria 1155 Saint Louis Galleria Saint Louis, MO 63117 According to the H&M Store Locator
Where are you located in Canada? If you're in Montreal...I may be able to point you in the right direction.
Hi guys, I just purchased my first suit last week(well...asides from what I wore during my prom, heh)... Now the problem is, I'm not sure what brand/style/color of shoes to wear with it. Again, I've never really worn any shoes besides casual/sports shoes so I'm not sure what is "in" right now or not. As I'm still a college student, I only have a $200 budget to spend on the shoes. If you could show a picture with your suggestion, that'd be great or direct me to a...
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