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Quote: Originally Posted by flyguy7 Well, does it seem customer friendly that you've had to read through entire threads, or were you just looking for a thumbs up for your hard work? Consider this, I've had multiple people ask me about my toj items and how they can get one. I could send them to the unofficial toj page but obviously it's crazy outdated. Should I send them a link to this thread and say 'have fun'? Perhaps the creators can't handle any more...
I live on the south shore(Brossard) so I get my hair cut around here. Let me know if you still want the place though.
Please stop trying to hawk your goods in this thread. Put a post in your signature linking to the thread but don't openly try to sell your goods in this thread. Pretty sure Drew had asked that people do not do this in the TOJ threads.
Maybe when I have my layover in la I can grab an in n out somewhere nearby. West coast only right?
First WAYWT. Sorry since you can't see that much but figured I should post something here regardless... Everyone talked about how great Five Guys Burger was here in SW&D awhile back. We had our first one open up here a few months ago so I finally drove the 40 minutes with a few friends to go try it out. Found the burgers to be good but the cajun fries were what I really loved. Will go again when it opens near my place in a few months, lol. p.s. someone wanna gimme a...
Quote: Originally Posted by kwoyeu i really like how south willard's markup is so minimum (compared to this, this and this) Oaks markup is only a few dollars more. and J+O and Roden Gray are canadian so yeah, markups are always going to be significantly higher. Some lanvin sneaks for $325...Not sure if theres still a lot of people on the lanvin sneakers but figured I'd post it.
I like the last Synthese and Snowman fits.
Quote: Originally Posted by halisray am68 are moving to a smaller location in old port (?) I think. Hence the 60% off everything. I remember Alfonso saying something about going to Michel Brisson or something. Interesting.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mesta So guys, anyone hit the stores lately? Still waiting on junya in simons (I'm going there this afternoon). Also I think I'm planning a trip to NYC to buy shoes... cant find shit in montreal. I should go check les etoffes, duo, reborn to check what's up as well but I don't know when. I'm heading to NYC around March 13th for the week. Probably gonna just hit up UNIQLO for cheap summer wear since I can't afford...
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