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Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Shit, thanks for the heads up. I believe Forward has a coupon code floating around too. Damn, smallest size they have is a 42 though, hopefully that fits. I have a pair of the silent Astilbe hi tops(Was that what they were called?). They're a 42. I wear a 41 in CP and 8 1/2 in rachel comey if that helps you.
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you i dont know man why your parents never taught you that. i lived next to some indians that had occasional religious rituals where they would place "swastikas" made with red sand outside their door with candles. this symbol is so prevalent in india it would blow your mind.....they put them on doors, rings, temples, buildings, cars, cakes, etc. when i first saw the picture of the shoe i did not think nazi. i thought...
^ I have the scarf version of that. Love it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lokesh When you say wash and soak, what did you do exactly for the wash and for the soak? I've had mine for maybe 6 months now and the fades are only just about noticable. I soaked once after 3 months or so and up until then I saw no fades at all. Only after my soak did they start to come in. I just put it in the washing machine and washed it. For a soak, I just let it sit in my bathtub for a bit, twirled it around...
Quote: Originally Posted by ac_slater Looks like they fade pretty good to me. http://www.nakedandfamousdenim.com/b...f-faded-jeans/ I'm positive those are mine since its ripped in the same place and the fades are the same as the one I sent in. But I could've sworn mine was Size 29. That one had 2-3 washes and a few soaks. I washed after 3 months btw, none of that keep it unwashed for a year and some before washing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger wern't you gonna go to sleep like 3 hours ago Hahahaha. Just filed my income taxes. Will use some of the proceeds for a 2011 DR. Aww yeah.
Mother fucker... Really need to find a job now
Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy Canadian retailers have lost the plot. You'd think that with the the advent of google they'd realize that their price points aren't competitive with other retailers. Common Projects Achilles low grey by retailer: Nomad (Canadian): $476 - including tax + shipping (What's funny about their shipping policy is that the more you spend, the more expensive shipping is. WTF?) Gravity Pope (Canadian): $420 - exclusive of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mesta always hated the nuit blanche. :P Any place except for hazan for good shades? Damn I want these : http://www.tresbienshop.net/en/art/a...sunglasses.php Would like to know where too. When I was there last buying my eyeglasses, all I saw were larger frames for sunglasses. They don't suit me
Quote: Originally Posted by flyguy7 Well, does it seem customer friendly that you've had to read through entire threads, or were you just looking for a thumbs up for your hard work? Consider this, I've had multiple people ask me about my toj items and how they can get one. I could send them to the unofficial toj page but obviously it's crazy outdated. Should I send them a link to this thread and say 'have fun'? Perhaps the creators can't handle any more...
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