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Hi, yup these are still available!
These are uggs o.o
I think South Willard has it.
Have a pair of Imperial Shearers in Size 28 for sale. They're brand new, just tried them on once. Willing to trade as well. Include 4% or send payment as gift. Please don't PM me if you're gonna lowball me and waste my time.
$1500 plane ticket to New Zealand. Aww yeah.
Quote: Originally Posted by tween_spirit Where is this? I'm in Montreal until Friday for work and the only decent meal I've had so far was at a place called Bar & Boeuf in Old Montreal but I need recommendations since I'm sick of wandering around looking at menus! Budget/kind of food you want? Montreal has a lot of good restos to eat at 1862 Rue Ste-Catherine O for Kazu.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one I do need to work with those two and get the site with more info. Willy is keeping the site updated with the quickness, though. I can create an account for you so you can tinker with any of the pages, make posts, etc. if you want.
Quote: Originally Posted by heartlessphil looks like a cool place...ill go check it out soon dunno if somebody mentionned it but harry rosen. lots of great stuff including unaffordable tom ford suits :-) Really? Last time I went it was just a bunch of Etro, Boss Orange and Faconnable there. Quite bleh.
Quote: Originally Posted by linkinwayne Killed by overexposure + explosive in-your-face logo branding. They're pretty warm though haha EDIT: Went to Toronto, every other girl had Canada Goose + skirt + heels for clubbing wtf Everyone wears Canada Goose + leggings + uggs here as everyday wear...
Yeah I had them hemmed so there isn't much stacking. Kept them about half an inch to an inch longer this time around so you can see theres a bit more stacking present in the photos of my current pair. And thanks.
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