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Hi guys, Selling my A-2 Bomber. Wore it about 15 times but I'm an entirely different size now. Great condition still. Small rub on the right sleeve, just needs to be oiled or something and it'll be fine. $30 for shipping. Stock 46. shoulders 16.7" chest (pit-to-pit) 20.5" midsection 19.5" waist 17.0" body length, front 22.0" body length, back 24.2" sleeve length, from shoulder 26.5" sleeve width @ pit 7.0" sleeve width @ elbow 6.3" sleeve width @ cuff 5.8" Payment via... $200 Do I bite?
Selling these Silent sneakers from a few years back(2010 I think?). Size 42, being shipped from Montreal, Quebec(local pickup available!). Looking for $200 + shipping but listening to offers. Soles slightly worn as seen from photos but the shoes itself weren't worn that much. PM with any other questions! -.-
The links are back on the site. Also, here
Site is back online now. If anyone notices anything, could you send me a PM. Thanks.
It's not a matter of just the server being down or something but something was compromised and malicious files were added somewhere. I'm reverifying the sql dumps and if I don't find anything, I'm going to throw everything back up online and hope it wasn't in there.Everything should be back up by tonight.
You shouldn't have any difficulty finding it here. It sells pretty much everywhere.
I just took the site down. Something on the server has been compromised and I have no idea what or how to fix it but I'm going to look into it tonight. If there are any web gurus around here who know how to take care of these things, let me know, would be much appreciated.
Yeah, not sure what happened but something has been compromised. Trying to figure it out but I'm not the greatest at this :P May just reconfigure everything when I have a chance this weekend.
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