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Is this still available? I just got this shirt in a M, but I think a L would be a better fit.
Just got the original shadow dot today. Love it! The fit is great, although it is just a tad short in the arms, and I do not plan to baby this, so I'm concerned about shrinkage in the wash. For the record I am 6'2' and the shirt is a M. If anybody has the OG shadow dot in a L (unworn), I'd be happy to trade my brand new M. If nobody wants to trade, I'll probably just end up keeping it, but PM me if you'd be interested in buying it. (figure it would save Mike the...
Quote: Originally Posted by tween_spirit Yeah I bought my White Mountaineering boots from them, they were good guys. I had to email to order though because of some weird glitch in the system regarding sizing, can't remember what it was but they were super helpful. It was a flukey thing though and I can't imagine it happening again - would buy from them again for sure. Do they take out the VAT for US residents? Did you get hit w/ customs...
OG shadow dot up for per-order now on the website. Plus someone must have returned the smoke in a sz L, bc I saw that is available too. Don't sleep people!
New bomber is boss. What color shearling would go on a lt. grey bomber? I'm thinking it would look better with black... Also, any possibility of getting Fox or Racoon fur in place of shearling? (for an upcharge of course)
Quote: Originally Posted by reezy Did you size down 2 in your WG? I would have gone TTS on my RFs but I sized down one (went 29 instead of my actual 30 size). I could button the top button but it took forever. In the end I dipped the top in cold water and yanked and pulled at the waist. It fit much better after. It has stretched out an inch and maybe more ever since I started wearing it. Technically if you like how the legs fit and you can button...
To any of you who own the Reverse Fades - do they stretch out as much as other N&F denims? I have the grey WG in 31, and they are actually a little loose for me now. I went with 32 on the skinny guy Reverse Fade, just got em, and can't quite button top button. Do I need to size up?
I am a US 11 and couldn't wear them either due to the slippage. I didn't think the quality was very good either....
Does anyone know the pricepoint on the reverse fade? I really like the concept, despite the fact they probably feel like shit due to the resin coating.
How does the sizing run on this year's knitwear? Specifically the shawl cardi?
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