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Kent definitely marked my trial suit as a sample, and while I honestly don't remember if I ended up paying anything, it certainly wasn't the full VAT cost.
Haven't ordered anything in a while, been too broke. But just placed an order for a "UCLA blue" button-down with quite a few custom specs – like a shaped pocket ala what Jorme posted here, an inverted back pleat ala the new Cleeve of London x Drake's shirts and firmer interlining in the stand than the collar – a standard button-down collar with 2.5cm collar space. Excited to see how it turns out…
Yeah I was wondering about the high gorge. Is that a change in the general pattern? An option that will be available with MTM? A feature exclusive to that particular jacket?
I'm not a tailor, but I believe you basically sew through the fabric a couple times to create the tack, then 'embroider' it much in the same way you would a buttonhole, to reinforce. Like this: – basically around the thread, through the loop, pull tight. It's much like how a bartack on a tie is made.
Apparently, there are two different types of peak lapel – regular and wide – and the regular has a higher gorge than the wide. The regular is this one, I think:
The S/S lookbook has plenty of both.
Linen SC looks great. How much handwork is involved?
Pattern matching is perfect on my POW suit, at least.
So I placed an order with Meermin back in late March. Order was received, and initiated, but then nothing. I've tried contacting them both via the site and email, but no response. Anyone know if they're really swamped or what?
Getting a pair of jeans and a couple of shirts later today, hopefully. Kind of a slow order this time (initial order feb 22) – but I imagine that's mostly to do with the jeans. Will see if i can take some pics.
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