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Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus yeah these were made for scott and it's a sign Yeah, but $800 is a little unrealistic at this time for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by mike868y you should probably ignore my advice, but I'm not a fan of the NB craze and grenson's are pretty dope. Quote: Originally Posted by sipang Are you a US8 ? If so, you should buy none of this stuff and get the espadrill'd Pradas instead. Tax return is going into MTO Trickers though, so it may be a bit repetitive on both, also have some debt to pay off. Another junya coat may be a...
already saw, my size too but I'm not sure how I feel about them at that price. Also, so much other shit I should be buying.
FUCK. what is retail like?
What would be better, re-upping on shirting and copping NB's and shit or picking up grensons with vibram sole? I need a new blue oxford, the sleeve blew out on my only blue oxford and epaulet might be a good option. WELL???
If you can tell me when it actually goes down in NYC I'll scope it out and get at you.
footwear is usually packed with good options for you dudes, stop by, can't hurt.
Tax return is really something I'm pining for, will be having custom trickers made, fuck YES.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug lol. i don't shop in nyc or look for junya and even i knew that. think i walked by there but have never been in. someone told me about their stock a few times. either justin or someone non-sf. Pretty sure people going to nyc for fancy shopping like that knows that place. Probably aren't too worried about a few SFers calling 5 times a week asking when stuff goes 80% off and because of that i don't think fumma blew...
Quote: Originally Posted by jet they are collabs brosef but they're not available through bb which is what you were hinting at I almost bought the kanye one two years ago before kanye had it. They had a bunch on deep discount at my secret junya spot then. I almost copped, its on yahoo, may snag it still.
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