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I could and would wear them every day in summer. baggy white tee and chucks, gg.
Will, you going to the Soho Grand party?
I've completely gone against shortening them, I love the length, and I realize they look good untucked unhemmed too imo.
Pink oxford varsity stripe and the obnoxious tag, how the fuck could I say no?
Pretty sure this past f/w, they're standard, hit up the store, but it's kinda expensive retail, like 3 hundy.
Thanks, Rob. I'll post complete recent purchases pic tomorrow.
Don't delude yourself dude, none of these brands are that exclusive, and comparable to others EG is extremely accessible. I'm not saying I don't love it, but don't think it's impossible to find. I also am over-exposed to it being in NYC.
S wouldn't work, otherwise I'd just get it from inventory.They don't have XS apparently.
did ANYWHERE get the Duck in XS? Please, I need that thing.
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