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to specify, the trousers are dark navy, not black, poor lighting in my apartment sadly. :\ my entire wardrobe is statement pieces, I can't really think of many things that aren't besides maybe trousers, maximalism bru. thanks for the comments
First proper waywt of the season: JW Man 09 reversible Thom Varsity Stripe Pink Oxford A Bathing Ape Bapex Acne Cropped trousers JW Man 09 Runway Boots
approximately 700 usd, just searching in english has a decent amount of results, rakuten too.
And I agree with you and Tween, the outerwear is where they shine, that blazer was just a piece I was really into, and it let me down, also, Odin not stocking a 0 or 1 made it very impossible for me to properly enjoy it. bergdorf's selection was good, but for what it is, stick to the tech gear.I handled every piece in NYC, went to Bergdorf and to Odin, all the stockists that have received anything yet, to my knowledge. Bergdorf's buy was far superior, so to get a good...
I just wouldn't urge you dudes to flow out to drop stacks on this, at least not before you try it on and formulate your own opinion. Some people have varying standards/ preferences. Design is worthless without construction to back it. All I want from them at this point would be a rad shell, that's kinda it. I'm all about pieces that lack longevity, but this shit is like, 2 month timespan IMO.
My vest is fantastic, but that's a goretex/down filled piece. The items with a substantial fabrication were worth fucking with, but that's it. All wovens feel shit, the knits feel fragile. The trousers were cool though, knit shorts too. In short, it's just another brand IMO. I'd rather spend my money on junya.
This brand really let me down in person, everything that I've felt stateside that wasn't a gore-tex piece felt really cheap and shitty. Shame. The patchwork blazer is wack feeling and construction was kinda eh, seemed really frail when trying it on. Gore-tex pieces at bergdorf were nice. Overall, pass.
I can't even keep up anymore, but for the hell of it, here is a test fit. Just a test shot for some of my recent F/W cops. Junya Duffle, EG Tweed Double Breasted Blazer, Thom Oxford, Junya Leather pocket Jeans, Duckie Bucks.
Justin, you really don't have anything better to do than troll SF now?
Our Legacy might be one of my favorite non Junya/Thom brands. Super fantastic aesthetic, slouchy everything, which I love.
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