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I have an incredibly better fit in mind for this blazer, that was honestly a fuck it outfit ahahah.
don't trip off shit he sayin bru, shouts out to tcwalter07(no idea who dude is)
DL, you watch K-on?
I love you guys too
Junya Thom Oliver Spencer Trickers
Hey all, I'm liquifying things that I have not worn in a long time or have never worn. Next up is a Woolrich Woolen Mills Workshirt, worn but cared for delicately. The WWM retailed for $240, I am asking $75 for the WWM. Photo Below:
Kelv and DL, sick as always. White Mountaineering Tweed Down Vest Junya Watanabe Man Blazer Thom Oxford w/ white grosgrain Bapex Acne trousers Junya Watanabe Boots
Junya Watanabe f/w 09 reversible jacket White Thom oxford Bapex Bedwin and The Heartbreakers Cords Junya Watanabe brogue boots Sorry I never post anymore guys, just the occasional waywt
Guess this is a lifestyle shot? SWAG JERRY RICE, I THINK I'M JERRY RICE. White Mountaineering down/gore filled tweed vest BoO Overshirt Thom Broadcloth Bapex Oliver Spencer cargos Qlo socks - safety orange Bape Manhunts shouts out to homi29
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