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ahahahah drunk post is drunk post. That being said, I can very easily button that jacket dude, it's actually somewhat roomy on me, but keep thinking that, guy!
Hey Sexonfabric, If my Jacket is so fucking tight how's your shitty EG vest fit? Maybe check your own pile of mediocrity that is your wardrobe before you come at me? Suck a dick for 2011, dick head.
mikey dude, don't, it's shitty. tween will verify.
Unfortunately my family wasn't very involved with raising me so my ethnic culture was lost to rap music and alcoholism. (5)
that was taken last night, I had worked 24 hours out of the past 48, so yeah, slightly tired. I'm Sicilian and Greek with a little russian in there.
I get asked to fuck a lot of guys bitches....based god.
GPOY/Waywt: Junya Watanabe f/w 09 jacket Thom white oxford Bapex Junya Watanabe camo jeans f/w 10 Bape Manhunts
This weekend’s acquisitions: Supreme x Liberty shirt, Thom Brown Club Collar Oxford.
Thanks for the kind words, Notwithit. Pleasure meeting those of you I did in Philly. Anyone can always stop me and say whats up, I'm nice enough.
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