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I don't own anything "black" aside from that jacket. Pants are a charcoal mohair/ wool blend.
Low profile shoes, and I'm also 5'6 tops, I'm short.
wooooooooo plain du fit Engineered Garments blackwatch Thom knit Thom plaid Bapex Undercover trousers Duckie Brown for Florsheim
Thanks, sneakers are a gift from mrchariybrown so I have been wearing them with everything.They're also completely waterproof and was needing comfort for work today. #overjustifying
This is actually true, it's been a weird year.
Rainy Waywt: Junya Watanabe Raincoat EG double breasted tweed blazer Thom Browne plaid shirt Junya Watanabe leather pocket jeans Water-proof Nike Frees
Yeah overreactions are overreactions, you'll have to excuse my post, 10 drinks, no dinner. In all seriousness the jacket itself is quilted and down filled so it's extremely puffy and not remotely flattering.
ahahahah drunk post is drunk post. That being said, I can very easily button that jacket dude, it's actually somewhat roomy on me, but keep thinking that, guy!
Hey Sexonfabric, If my Jacket is so fucking tight how's your shitty EG vest fit? Maybe check your own pile of mediocrity that is your wardrobe before you come at me? Suck a dick for 2011, dick head.
mikey dude, don't, it's shitty. tween will verify.
New Posts  All Forums: